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Creating Spinal Health Awareness among IMU Staff and Students on World Spine Day 2013

06 Nov 2013

18 October 2013 – Chiropractic students of the International Medical University (IMU) celebrated World Spine Day 2013 at the University’s campus in Bukit Jalil with a series of activities which highlights the importance of spinal health and wellness. The main objective of this is to create spinal health awareness amongst the IMU community and also the public. This year’s theme for World Spine Day was “Straighten Up and Move” and the aim was to encourage people to practise healthy spinal habits such as spinal exercises and maintaining proper posture while conducting various activities of daily living (ADL). For this occasion, the chiropractic students hung a 10-metre long giant-sized spinal canal in the University’s atrium. Posters displaying an array of common musculoskeletal disorders were presented within the gigantic spinal canal. Booths were also set – up for complimentary games and spinal screenings. 1376389_577694862297642_812990966_n Chiropractic students approached IMU students, IMU staff and the public to provide short tours and brief education about World Spine Day. Some chiropractic students were dressed up as sandwich boards and “Spine-Man”. These students walked throughout the IMU campus to inform people about World Spine Day and obtained signatures as a sign of support.

IMG_4572Semester 4 Chiropractic student, Shaun Sirenjeevi a/l Benjamin Mohanadasan,said “As part of the organising committee of the event, I must say I am very happy with the support shown by the staff and students of IMU. The event was a greater success then what any of us could imagine. This is mainly due to the fact that through the event, I feel that the awareness of spine health among the public has definitely increased. It is our duty as chiropractic students to promote spine health and educate the public. I feel that was something we did very well on that day. The main thing we emphasised was improving their ergonomics. We gave them education on the proper stance, position and posture they should have when carrying out their daily activities.”

“We also found through this event that majority of the public have no clue about proper ergonomics and have been putting their spine under way too much pressure due to bad ergonomics. If they continue living how they are now, by the age of 45, they will be experiencing severe back problems. This means that chiropractors will have to start playing a greater role from now onwards in the further promotion of spinal health.” “In a nutshell, I feel this event was very fruitful and productive. I want to thank all the IMU staff and students for their support. However, a lot more has to be done and I am hoping for more events like this in the coming future.” The event was funded solely from the selling of more than 300 “Rock Your Spine” T shirts, food and drinks. IMG_4367Speaking about the event, Tan Hzu Khim, a IMU Chinese Medicine Semester 4 student said, “The event was very informative. Different approaches were done to increase awareness of the importance of our spine and muscles. Passer-bys were warmly ushered by chiropractic students to take part in the activities. I personally think this is a brilliant way the chiropractic students has choosen to increase our knowledge on body postures. A set of exercise, squats to be exact were also introduced to us, sedentary people in the form of a game to strengthen the muscles of our lower limbs. The free spinal screenings were extremely beneficial to us so that we become fully aware of our current body state and posture. I am also very encouraged to see how much effort these students have put into making the World Spine Day a success. Ultimately, awareness and prevention is better than cure!” An annual event on 16 October, World Spine Day brings together people from around the world to raise awareness around the prevention and effective management of spinal conditions. This is part of the Bone and Joint Decade’s Action Week.

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