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Queen Mary University of London Professor Provide Insights into Emerging Knowledge of Cardiovascular Disease Risk

22 Feb 2019

14 January 2019 – The Institute for Research, Development, and Innovation (IRDI) of International Medical University (IMU) successfully organised the second Translational Research Seminar Series titled “Gaining Insights to Cardiovascular Disease Risk through Population Based Studies” at the IMU campus in Bukit Jalil. The keynote speaker for this talk was Prof Panos Deloukasis from Queen Mary University of London. Prof Panos giving a talk at IMU Prof Panos at IMU The talk was aimed at providing insights into the emerging knowledge of cardiovascular disease risk. Prof Panos discussed how genetic information from population studies, such as UK Biobank is essential to improve understanding of the causes and risk factors of common diseases including coronary artery disease (CAD). From the large scale genetic data, Professor Panos and his team had developed Genetic Risk Scores to stratify individuals according to CAD risks, which might be used to facilitate early screening and risk prediction. Building upon this, Professor Panos and team have extended their findings to explore the common genetic risk between CAD and other cardiovascular diseases including stroke, heart failure, pulmonary artery disease, and atrial fibrillation.

About Prof Panos Deloukasis
Prof Panos is the world leading researcher in cardiovascular genomics. During his time at Welcome Trust Sanger Institute (1994-2013), he has contributed significantly to the Human Genome Project and the International HapMap project.

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