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Dietetics with Nutrition at IMU: Producing Versatile Dietitians for the Future

22 Apr 2022

Dietitians are qualified and registrable professionals under the Allied Health Professions Act. They treat dietary problems using medical nutrition therapy and translate the most up-to-date scientific research on food, health and disease into practical solutions to enable people to make appropriate food and lifestyle choices. Malaysia is in grave need of dietitians as the number of lifestyle-related chronic conditions such as obesity and diabetes rise. The profession projects that the country will need another few thousand dietitians to provide medical nutrition therapy to manage chronic diseases in the next decade. In order to fill this void, the International Medical University (IMU) started offering a degree in dietetics since 2008. At IMU, the Bachelor of Dietetics with Nutrition equips students with the professional and personal qualities required for practice and prepares them with the knowledge to face the evolving health needs of individuals and groups. The programme continues to receive the recognition conferred by the International Confederation of Dietetics Association (ICDA), which certifies that the curriculum meets international standards. IMU is the first institution to receive the international certificate of accreditation from ICDA for their Bachelor of Science (Hons) Dietetics with Nutrition course. During the 4-year programme, students get real world experience in the clinical, community, food service and management sectors. Despite the pandemic, the programme has provided virtual internships where relevant and continued face-face skills development and on-site placements. Besides receiving academic guidance from renowned faculty who are thought leaders in the field of nutrition and dietetics, students learn critical thinking, communication skills and digital skills. International opportunities abound as prospective students may apply for credit transfer to Australian partner universities while final year students receive the chance for global mobility to various countries for their practicum. Today, IMU’s Bachelor of Dietetics with Nutrition graduates are widely employed not only in hospitals or clinics, but also in food service establishments, food and beverage business, wellness industries, pharmacists and digital healthcare. Graduates are also increasingly venturing as entrepreneurs by setting up private dietetics consultancy services. Here’s what our graduates are saying about the programme:

Melissa Lee Ern-Yi (ND109) Dietitian cum Shared Services Vendor Manager

I am working at International School of Kuala Lumpur (ISKL). My responsibility in school is to manage the food and bus services provided by our outsourced vendor at ISKL. Food services are provided to the whole community of ISKL (faculty, staff, parents and students).

IMU has prepared me to apply my interpersonal skills such as the importance of communication, professionalism, responsibility, and most importantly positive attitude. Humbling myself to be willing to learn from various angles (was important) even though I have graduated from university and am working for 9 years now.

Alvin Lim Ler Sheang (DN117) Co-founder of BP Dietetics Sdn Bhd

BP Dietetics (Balance & Persistence Dietetics) was founded in 2021 and it aims to provide professional dietetics and nutrition services to the public. The physical clinic was set up in Johor Bahru to provide diet, nutrition and disease management help to Johoreans wanting to achieve optimal health status.

As an IMU Dietetics with Nutrition graduate, I am well-prepared with skills and knowledge on Medical Nutrition Therapy which enables me to apply it in my own business and practice. I appreciated the opportunities provided by the school which allowed us to practise in different fields to enhance our learning. Placement or internship arranged by the school also allowed us to experience different sectors that a dietitian can work in and choose the path that we interested in the most.

Nursyafiqah Binti Nazirmuddin (DN 115) Dietitian, Pantai Hospital Klang

Graduating with Bachelors of Dietetics with Nutrition from IMU has definitely prepared me well with necessary skills needed to be a dietitian. I feel ready to educate people about food and how to enjoy plus find satisfaction in what you eat even if you had a disease.

One thing that really helped me a lot is when I had to be creative with a patient’s menu. I believe my MNT module, together with the meal preparation classes really does help me in managing some of the diseases. I still keep most of my case studies together with the menu we cooked for it! The experience I gained was truly valuable.

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