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Six Foundation in Science Students Bag Scholarship for IMU Degree Programmes

20 Mar 2018

One of the goals in many aspiring students globally is to be successful in their education. The joy is seen in their faces when they have performed beyond their expectations. Not only does it add happiness to them and their loved ones but it motivates one to do better always – academically and in life. However, many are worried that the increased costs may affect a person’s future academically. Thus, securing a scholarship reduces the burden and allows one to achieve his or her dreams. In 2017, six high achieving FiS students won IMU scholarships to pursue an undergraduate degree in MBBS, BSc (Hons) Pharmaceutical Chemistry, BSc (Hons) Biomedical Science, BSc (Hons) Chiropractic, and BSc (Hons) Dietetics with Nutrition. The Scholarships in the form of full or partial tuition fee waivers are for students demonstrating outstanding academic excellence, extra curriculum participation and leadership qualities. Let’s hear what our recipients have to say. Spirit of learning Chia Tee Hang (FS216), one of the recipients of MBBS Scholarship, has aimed to receive this scholarship ever since he joined FiS. Besides, maintaining good results, he wanted to be an all-rounder. Thus, he was actively involved in many extra-curricular activities including many IMU Cares activities. He believes having a good leadership skill and being an empathetic person are also necessary in being a good person overall. He says “Being a scholar doesn’t mean just doing well academically only. You need to be a leader in many areas”. This scholarship reduces a huge financial burden from his mum. His advises his juniors not to never give up and not to study for the sake of exams only. Instead, he encourages juniors to learn things apart from lecture notes and tutorials sessions. He believes that one of the ways to achieve this is to have interest and passion for learning. Life changing experiences Keren Liew San Yi (FS116), one of the scholarship recipients for Pharmaceutical Chemistry, says studying FiS has been challenging for her as she has left her comfort zone in Kuching to further her studies in KL. However, the shift has been positive since it has positive impact in her life. Coming from a traditional Chinese family, there wasn’t any reaction from her family members when she announced that she was awarded full scholarship for her undergraduate studies . However, she knows they are proud of her. Keren too was aware of the scholarship, thus, she made sure she focused on her studies. Her advice to the juniors is always be prepared and confident with themselves. She also adds that knowledge beyond classes is necessary and to grab any opportunities in order to gain life experiences. Genuine passion will lead the way Sri Darsheny a/p Sri Krishna (FS216), one of the recipients of Biomedical Science Scholarship, says that this scholarship is a huge relief to her father as he was worried about financing her studies. Although she was aware of the scholarship, her first semester results were not good as she was still adapting to the FiS system and university life which is totally different from school life. However, she didn’t give up. She made sure that her results improved in Semesters 2 and 3. With better time management, Darsheny focused and revised her lessons. Apart from that, she made sure that she reads a lot of  journals and articles on biomedical science as that was her passion. In fact, the interviewers were impressed when she shared one of her readings with them. Besides that, she believes FiS has helped her a lot in changing her personality for the better and her exposure to Cross Boundary Studies (CBS) has improved her social skills. Her advice to juniors is to identify their passions and work towards that path. She reminds them to be dedicated, responsible, focused in all areas of  their life. Enjoy life but display enthusiasm to learning Tan Jit Llyod (FS116), recipient of Chiropractic scholarship, says his family members were “cool” upon hearing his achievement. Nevertheless, they were happy for him. Although he was aware of the scholarship and its criteria, he wasn’t aiming to get it. Instead, he was more focused in getting good grades in each semester. He believes that FiS has provided him with the fundamental knowledge of science, communication skills, and opportunities to improve himself through many activities. Besides that FiS has also taught him of the importance of time management. His advice to his juniors is that not to torture themselves as he believes student’s life should be an enjoyable journey. He also encourages others to be more spontaneous, articulate and possess self-confident at all times. Caring academic mentor – one of my reasons for success! Yeap Zhi Xuan (FS116), who is pursuing Dietetics with Nutrition, appreciates her academic mentor, Jessica Leong for her journey through FiS. Not only had her mentor advised her on academic matters, her mentor had also been supportive in other matters as well. Zhi Xuan also stressed that the Cross Boundary Studies (CBS) and product briefing assignment had improved her self-confidence and presentation skills as this module and assignment are group based which encourages students to work in teams. She believes, apart from her results, it was these skills that helped her in obtaining this partial scholarship. She adds that being well prepared and answering confidently is key to her success in being awarded with the scholarship. Her advice to the juniors is that they should not neglect their studies. Although, one should have fun and enjoy themselves while being at university, one should have good time management in managing all kinds of activities. Besides, the method of studying is equally important. In her own words “Understand and don’t memorise”. Taking part in various activities is helpful in many ways Leong Siew Mun (FS116) another student awarded with a 50% scholarship to pursue Pharmaceutical Chemistry believes that taking part in many activities helped her with her achievement. Cross Boundary Studies or CBS and English Product Briefing assignment have helped her in improving her interpersonal and communication skills and boosting her confidence. She and her family was surprised and happy at the same time upon receiving this news. She said she was truthful in answering all questions during the scholarship interview session. She believes that her honest answer helped her in obtaining this scholarship. Her advice to her juniors are to grab any opportunities that comes along the way. Also, students should be able to enjoy their journey with FIS and take part in activities as it will be helpful in many ways. Lastly, she believes that hard work pays off fruitfully.

These are some of the stories shared by these hardworking and talented students. Passion, hard work, determination are some of the secrets of their success.

Wishing them the best in all aspects of life!

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