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Educating and Promoting Better Nutrition, Health and Wellness in the Community

24 May 2018

The Diet Specialist is the brainchild of 3 undergraduates from the International Medical University (Ku Ahmad Azmeel & Masni Hanim), and University Sultan Zainal Abidin (Fuad Radzuan) majoring in Dietetics with Nutrition. Soon after graduation, these three graduates had maintained contact with one another through a WhatsApp group which mainly serves to update each other with any Dietetics and Nutrition job opportunity, talks, events, symposium, education updates or anything related. All three members managed to get a job as Medical Representatives where they are required to meet with doctors of various medical specialties. They soon realise that Nutrition revolves very heavily in the hospitals and clinics where Doctors are in need of a platform/point of reference for Evidence-Based Nutrition Information. The demand for Nutrition Education was not only in healthcare institutions but also in fitness organisations as members frequently asked many of the Certified Personal Trainer for a Weight Loss Nutrition consultation.

The Diet Specialist was then initiated to provide interactive programmes and workshops to help educate, inform and promote better nutrition, health, and wellness in the community where social media (Facebook & Instagram) is used as the primary platform.

The community is becoming more aware of the importance of nutrition, and with the widespread of free information sharing, it is likely for them to fall victim towards false and misleading information delivered by the growing emergence of “ Self-proclaimed Health Coaches/ Nutritionist/ Dietitians”. Thus, the Diet Specialist is inspired to become a prominent dietetics group to “Spread Evidence-Based Nutrition Practice“ which soon became the group’s motto to live by. The content of delivery was aimed to be maintained with scientifically proven updated reference. Besides, with growing needs towards a healthy lifestyle, the situation has led towards the emergence of unrecognised health products with false claims which has been widely marketed through the social media. Hence, The Diet Specialist also aim to become the Social Media Vigilante hoping to debunk myths and bring justice for the safety of the community. The Diet Specialist dreams to see the recognition of nutrition and dietetics field in Malaysia as part of medical healthcare and to play a leading role in evidence-based nutrition knowledge. The Diet Specialist aims to grow to become more successful and to become a medium for dietitians and nutritionists in Malaysia to gather and work for the better, hoping to build a Diet Clinic of its own with a sole purpose to provide various nutrition services (counselling, fitness consultation, healthy meal provider and many more).

Past Events : Our first talk was in January 2018, where we delivered a talk on Healthy Eating. Collaborating with Burn2Fit (a self-organised fitness group), we took the initiative to prepare educational materials for the talk to create sustainable information delivery. The education material development were able to be done smoothly due to the exposure that we were given during our degree studies making it all  a lot easier.

We also had the opportunity to collaborate with ADIDAS to give a talk on “Post Endurance Exercise Nutrition,” where it was held in Fuel Athletics located in the heart of Damansara Heights. Our audience consists of beginners to advanced marathon runners. Based on the feedback given, we are proud to say that we managed to share with them the crucial nutrition points that they need in order to perform better for their upcoming race. We were also required to work along with Limelight Event Management team, and RAWSOME a healthy food company in delivering food demos. We also took the initiative to prepare educational materials (Post-endurance meal plan & Pamphlet) as convenient take-home messages for the audience to ponder and remember.

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