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Kazakhstan Students Gain Insights into Research Management at IMU

25 May 2018

The Institute for Research, Development and Innovation (IRDI), IMU welcomed seven postgraduate medical students from Karaganda State Medical University (KSMU), Kazakhstan who were at the Malaysian University to attend a Research Management Training Course from 27 March to 2 April 2018. The seven students are all medical doctors who are pursuing their master’s studies at KSMU. They opted to attend the training course at IMU based on the positive feedback given by their seniors who have participated in this course in the previous years. In addition to this, most of these students loved Malaysia and Asian countries and were attracted to Malaysia by its good healthcare and education systems.

The one-week short course encompassed lectures on Introduction to Research Process, Research Project Management, Research Question Generation and Hypothesis Testing, Roles and Functions of Institutional Review Board, Research Oversight and Governance, Ethical Issues in Research, Use of Systematic Review and Meta-analysis, Review of Scientific Literature, Scientific Writing, and Good Clinical Practice (GCP) in Research. Besides that, these students also visited the IMU’s Research Lab and were briefed on laboratory safety. As part of the course, the Kazakhstan students had a hands-on session where they were required to work in pairs to prepare a research proposal. Feedback was then given at the end of the course, based on the students’ presentations of their research proposals.

The students remarked that they had benefited tremendously from this training course albeit its short duration. They learned the basics of research methodology which could be applied in their future research. They have also attained a better understanding on how to write a research proposal. This knowledge would certainly be helpful in their future research journey.

However, the students did encounter culture shocks throughout their stay in Malaysia.  They faced difficulties in adjusting to Malaysian cultures due to its wide varieties. This was compounded by the challenges in adapting to Malaysian foods and traditions. Suggestions were then given for future students to be formally introduced to the traditions of Malaysia. Related articles : Crossing Borders for a Short Course in Research Management at IMU Insightful Short Course on Research Management for Kazakhstan Students at IMU, Malaysia

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