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Empowering Biomedical Science Graduates: Insights from Industry Advisory Board Members on Career Readiness

08 Jan 2024

The Industry Advisory Board (IAB) was launched this year by Industry Partnership and Career Development Unit (IPCDU), IMU. IPCDU in collaboration with the School of Health Sciences has organised forums to align industry-university expectations on health science graduates. The readiness of graduates for the workforce is a crucial outcome that significantly influences employability and career trajectories, particularly during challenging periods.


On 26 October 2023, the Biomedical Science programme has organised an inspiring forum with IAB members and its undergraduate students. This year’s forum theme, ‘Career Opportunities for Biomedical Scientists in the Post Pandemic Era,’ was crafted in response to the expectations and feedback received from the biomedical science students.


The forum started with Prof Chin Beek Yoke, Dean of Industry Partnership and Prof Anna Ling, Dean of School of Health Sciences welcoming all the guest speakers and participants to the forum. This event provided an interactive platform for more than 100 first- to final-year biomedical science students to engage with industry representatives.

Industry Representatives at the 2023 IAB Forum

Goh Mun Hon, Principal Medical Lab Scientist, National Heart Institute

Career Prospects for Biomedical Science Graduates Post Pandemic in the Hospital

Mr Goh shared his insights and experiences, offering valuable guidance on career paths, skill requirements, and the changes brought about by the pandemic in the hospital and healthcare sector. Mr Goh outlined the career prospects for biomedical science graduates in a hospital setting beyond the medical laboratory – job positions which include quality management department executive, cardiovascular technologist, perfusionist, and even clinical research assistants/officers. The discussions emphasized the adaptability and resilience of biomedical science graduates in a post-pandemic world.

Dr Rebecca Tay, Chief Executive Officer, Beacon Precision Diagnostics

Biomedical Scientists’ Roles Towards Precision Diagnostics

Dr Rebecca provided attendees with the opportunity to gain deep insights into the evolving landscape of healthcare and diagnostics, emphasizing the growing significance of precision and personalized medicine. Dr Rebecca left the event inspired and empowered, armed with a deeper understanding of how biomedical scientists are driving innovation and transformation in healthcare through precision diagnostics. Her sharing underscored the immense potential and opportunities in this dynamic field, highlighting the vital role that biomedical scientists play in improving patient outcomes and healthcare effectiveness.

Tee Sze Tian, Chief Embryologist, TMC Fertility Centre

Biomedical Scientists Inside the Big Business of Baby Making

Ms Tee offered attendees the opportunity to delve into the complex world of reproductive science, where advanced biomedical techniques and expertise are integral to the process of helping couples achieve their dream of parenthood. She shared her knowledge and experiences, shedding light on the intricacies of reproductive technologies, genetic screening, and assisted reproduction methods. The discussions emphasized the significant contributions of biomedical scientists in ensuring the safety, effectiveness, and ethical standards of fertility treatments.

Dr Rose, NextGen Genomics Manager, Neoscience

Making It in the Commercial Line

Dr Rose shared her experiences and expertise, shedding light on the intersection of science, business, and innovation. The discussions emphasized the pivotal roles that biomedical scientists can play in commercial ventures, ranging from pharmaceuticals and biotechnology to medical devices and healthcare consultancy.


Participants had a deeper understanding of the career possibilities within the commercial sector for biomedical scientists and how they can thrive in this dynamic and evolving landscape. The forum highlighted the remarkable potential for success and innovation for biomedical scientists in commercial settings, serving as an inspiration for those seeking to make their mark in the industry.

The forum reached its apex with an engaging session, where students posed enquiries regarding the latest updates on diagnostics and research, prudent career decision-making and effective employment preparation. The speakers unanimously concurred that, beyond academic qualifications, employers place significant value on attitude, work experience and active involvement in extracurricular activities. Participants expressed that the forum was highly enlightening and beneficial in terms of enhancing their career preparedness.

After the forum, the IAB members joined a discussion with the Biomedical Science faculty to address concerns like the sufficiency of the Biomedical Science curriculum in equipping students for the workforce and to gain insights into the future prospects of the profession.

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