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Enhance Your Opportunities of Becoming a Leader in Healthcare Strategic Management

05 May 2023

Be a leader in Healthcare Strategic Management and stay ahead by enhancing your knowledge and skills in strategic healthcare while keeping your current employment. Enrol in this micro-credential course, which takes place over six weekends at the International Medical University (IMU).

Even though you have no basic degree in business, in just 6 sessions, learn how to make:
1. healthcare organizations more cost effective, competitive and profitable
2. strategic decisions to adapt, change or add new structure or processes in a healthcare environment to meet new challenges such as pandemic
by learning the latest business growth strategies and tools for strategic planning models.

This course provides the student an opportunity to explore the various aspects of analysing, formulating, implementing, monitoring, and leading strategies that are necessary for making strategic decisions in the competitive healthcare environment. It provides methods to cut back costs, employee motivation and gratification, counteracting threats or converting these threats into opportunities, predicting probable market trends, and improving overall performance focusing on effectiveness and efficiency.


This course is applicable now due to the emergence of pandemics, increasing incidence of chronic diseases, increasing need for promotion of disease and injury prevention as organisations particularly those in healthcare need to make strategic decisions to adapt, change or add new structure or processes in an already complex healthcare environment to meet these challenges.


Students have also taken this as a module in the Semester One of the Masters of Business Administration in Healthcare Management (MBAHM) programme.

Let’s hear from these students about this module:
Dr John Ratnaraj A/L John Thomas, Head of Forensic Department, Ampang Hospital Strategic Management is an important topic whereby one will develop the skills needed to prioritise the needs to achieve the vision, mission and goals in a effective and efficient manner. The healthcare system now needs to be more organised to achieve the goals it has set to prevent a catastrophic collapse. Hence a more focused way of management is needed, this will not be found in clinical medicine or public health. I chose to study MBAHM at IMU because the university is known for providing quality education with worldwide affiliations as well as being student friendly which helps studying there to be an exhilarating experience.
Dr Kevin Ho Seng Keat, Assistant Vice President Tesoro Capital Sdn Bhd Strategic management is crucial for healthcare organisations to achieve their mission and vision in an effective manner. With clear strategy and intelligent thinking, any problem can be resolved with ease and efficiency. I chose IMU because it is a very well established medical university with a good reputation and IMU is where I got my MBBS degree.
Sharmela A/P Gunalan, Head of Compliance, Risk Management and Audit, ICAN College Strategic management is a process of defining the future of an organisation which must be in line with the vision and mission of the organisation. In the ever challenging healthcare industry, strategic planning is essential for the long-term viability of the company in the highly competitive healthcare sector. Due to the healthcare industry’s ongoing evolution and the rising demand for high-quality and safe service delivery, strategic management is essential in achieving the desired outcome of a healthcare organisation. To accomplish the objectives it has set in order to avoid a catastrophic collapse, the healthcare system must now be more prepared and organised. Hence a more focused approach is needed. Obtaining MBAHM has provided me with the skills to be a transformative leader.

This micro-credential course is delivered by experienced faculty, who have specialised management experience in the government and private sectors and employs a variety of teaching methods such as tutorials, interactive videos, field visits, seminar presentations, role-play, case discussions, flipped classroom, simulations and lectures.

Should you decide to join the IMU Master in Business Administration in Healthcare Managment programme, the credits from this course can be transferred to the programme.


Written by Prof Dr Adlina Suleiman

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