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Enhancing Clinical Skills in Soft Tissue Management in Periodontology

03 Nov 2021

There was always an increase in awareness amongst the general dentists on the importance of healthy soft tissues around teeth. However, there was a need for the enhancement of clinical skills of the dentists to achieve healthy soft tissues in patients. This workshop provided appropriate knowledge and demonstrated skills necessary to perform connective tissue grafting and free gingival grafting on goat jaws, simulating the patient conditions. IMU Faculty members, Dr Ranjeet Ajit Bapat, Organising Chair, demonstrated the techniques of graft harvesting and suturing, while Dr Pulikkotil Shaju Jacob and Dr Lew Pit Hui also guided the participants during the hands-on sessions. Each of the participants had the opportunity to perform grafting technique on goat jaws that enabled them to develop clinical skills in handling soft tissues in periodontics. The Faculty members also enlightened the participants on evidence-based science in relation to soft tissue grafting and crown lengthening procedure in periodontics. Participants also performed techniques on crown lengthening surgeries on goat jaws that will help in their clinical practice.

Overall feedback received was very good from the participants
Lovely. Dr Ranjeet is extremely passionate in teaching.
Excellent. Above expectation
Very good. Learnt a lot
Very Good

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