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Studying Chinese Medicine at a Malaysian University During the Covid-19 Pandemic

02 Nov 2021

Livhuwani Mavis Mukoma-Boyle (back row, extreme right) with her classmates after the completion of the simulation training for Chinese Medicine diagnosis.

Experiential learning is an important building block embedded in the learning of Chinese Medicine. Through a mixture of face-to-face interactions and online learning using modern technology, the programme is able to continue nurturing students who are well equipped with not only the hardcore Chinese Medicine knowledge and skills, but also soft skills and attitude required to become lifelong learners. “I am Livhuwani Mavis Mukoma-Boyle, is an international student from South Africa. I joined IMU Semester 1 in February 2021 to study towards a Chinese Medicine degree in the middle of MCO. All the learning had to be adapted to online learning. Online learning is done through interactive live sessions, and some are pre-recorded videos. The advantage of online learning is I was able to learn in my own comfort space at home. It also gave me opportunity to do it at my own pace with 100% support from the lecturers. All online live sessions are recorded, this enabled me to review and replay the lesson recordings. Online learning has also its own challenges, like internet connection problems, discipline in terms of time management and feeling lost at times.”

“At the beginning, it was very hard for me as it was my first time doing online learning. I felt lost as everything was done remotely even though I had the full support from the various University Departments. My lecturers were also able to assist in easing the transition and onboarding to the digital learning platform.

“The highlights for me have been the hybrid learning through online and limited face to face clinical simulated patient’s sessions. I have learnt a lot especially with the real-life exposure to a clinical set up.”

“It has been the best learning experience as it gave me confidence to ask those questions that I was too shy to ask during the online session especially for Chinese Medicine Diagnosis module as I am new to Chinese Medicine.”

“I have been able to build an excellent rapport with my course mates, mentor, and lecturers. Studying is hard work which needs perseverance, discipline, dedication, and time management and can be challenging at times however the benefits are rewarding. Each day is learning curve versus experience curve.”

“My take on life has been that one is never old to learn new skills. I am very happy that I have enrolled with IMU. The lesson learnt for me has been to never hide and there is no such thing as a stupid question. I treat my studies the same way I executed my duties during my practising days as an oral hygienist and during my corporate ladder days.”

“The reason is that even though it was hard at the beginning, I continued with IMU due to the enormous support and encouragement from everybody involved.” “The future looks bright with the digital platforms as can be seen during MCO: patients were able to do online consultation with their TCM practitioners and personally it was empowering for me to be able to have an online consultation with my personal TCM practitioners and my herbs being delivered. As future practitioners these platforms enable us to embrace and enjoy the benefits of digital space with our patients.” “I am looking forward to a world of endless possibilities with IMU.” Happy learnings…..

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