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Enhancing Community Health at Tong Sim Senior Citizen Care Centre

24 Apr 2024

On 19 January 2024, a group of IMU Semester 6 Bachelor of Pharmacy (BPharm) (Hons) students from cohort BP121 conducted a community service project at Tong Sim Senior Citizen Care Centre, Salak South Baru, Kuala Lumpur. The community service project was carried out in line with the objectives of the Public Health Pharmacy module and IMU Cares’ mission to enhance community health and well-being.

A pre-visit was conducted on 21 November 2023, to assess the health status of the home residents through one-on-one interviews. Questions asked during the interview included health issues and medication adherence. Additionally, the students performed a comprehensive inspection of the current medications used by the home residents to gain a better understanding of their requirements and to identify any potential care issues.

During the pre-visit, many of the home residents expressed that they lacked regular healthcare visits and checkups. Therefore, the students decided to conduct a health screening as the project activity during the next visit. The equipment required for the health screening project were identified, and those that had to be sourced included glucometers and blood pressure meters for glucose and blood pressure monitoring.


At the end of the pre-visit, based on feedback from the home residents, the students gained valuable insights into their lifestyles, general health status, and the importance of providing educational information about medication.


Additionally, a pharmacist and doctor will be invited to support the activity and offer consultations to the residents. Two students will also prepare an educational talk on medication safety to improve understanding and raise awareness of general medicinal knowledge among the elderly residents. The contents of the slides for the talk were reviewed by Dr Cheong Siew Lee. Finally, the students will also purchase Chinese New Year decorations to enhance the living environment and give it a refreshed appearance.


In conclusion, the pre-visit enabled the students to make the necessary preparations and steps for the upcoming actual visit.

Third year Pharmacy student, Bryan Liu shared his experience:

“Last year, my group came here to implement fall-prevention activities for the residents, and I am very glad to come here again to perform health screening and raise the residents’ health awareness. This community project has been an amazing opportunity for me to improve my communication skills and teamwork. I also cherished spending time with the residents, and I hope to join more IMU Cares activity to serve the community.”

On the day of the actual project implementation visit, the students successfully conducted health screening efficiently with minimal issues. The group of 6 students displayed incredible teamwork and smooth coordination. The medical details of each of the home residents, including blood glucose and pressure readings, as well as medical conditions, were documented and recorded.

Dr Prarthana played a crucial role by not only assessing these details but also providing counselling, particularly identifying one resident in critical need of admission. The residents were also given pill boxes to allow them to store and organise their medications appropriately. Lastly, the students and lecturers helped to decorate the home with bright and festive Chinese New Year decorations, brightening up the home in light of the upcoming festival.

Terena Shuqi Lau, third year Pharmacy student, shared her experience:

“The activities offered me the opportunity to deliver health screening services to those in need, enhancing and refining my hands-on techniques in measuring blood pressure and glucose levels. Moreover, it was deeply satisfying to interact with and learn about the struggles of the elderly, while promoting health benefits to them. I am eager to participate in more upcoming IMU Cares activities, as it allows me to contribute to the community while gaining valuable experiences that will be beneficial for my future endeavours.”

The students conducted a post-visit one week after the actual visit, to assess the usage of the pill box by the home residents.


Overall, this project enabled the students to apply the skills and knowledge acquired from the BPharm (Hons) programme while also affording them the chance to enhance their soft skills, including communication skills. They believe that through the project conducted, the home residents have gained a better understanding on general health management and learned about the compliance, proper storage, and the correct disposal of medications.


We would like to thank Dr Teo Chian Ying for her crucial role in supporting us throughout the project’s planning and execution. Dr Teo facilitated the communication and coordination between the students and the home management, which made the visits to the home possible. Additionally, Dr Teo provided valuable feedback and guidance, contributing significantly to the success of this project.


Prepared by Terena Shuqi Lau

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