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Everything You Treasure – For A World Free From Nuclear Weapon

08 Mar 2017

Introduction Nuclear weapons are the most dangerous weapons on earth. With these weapons, one can destroy cities and kill millions, jeopardising not only the lives of generations of people but also the natural environment through its long-term catastrophic effects. The dangers from such weapons arise from their very existence. NW2 Keeping this in mind and with every intention of raising awareness in the IMU community, Eco Friends Club and its sub-committee members together with SokaGakkai Malaysia (SGM)made this exhibition, Everything You Treasure- For A World Free From Nuclear Weapon, a reality. cof Training sessions for the exhibition by SokaGakkai (SGM)  (4 Jan ~ 5 Jan, 11 Jan ~ 12 Jan) Prior to the exhibition, training sessions were organised by SokaGakkai to prepare the narrators for the upcoming exhibition. These training sessions were carried out by Charmaine Loke with assistance from her fellow colleague. As the purpose of this exhibition was to raise awareness regarding the dangers of nuclear weapons as well as the benefits of achieving a peaceful world free from them, these sessions equipped the narrators with knowledge and skills to spread the intended messages. The narrators were given the knowledge to explain the stories behind each panel well and the soft skills on capturing the audience’s attention while narrating. Those who went for the sessions reaped benefits that would surely be useful in the future! The exhibition (14 Jan ~ 16 Jan 2017) The three-day exhibition held at the IMU atrium officially started with an opening ceremony at 10am. Speeches were given by A/Prof Dr Mohd Zulkefeli Mat Jusoh , Dean of School of Pharmacy, Saravanan Muthiah, Head of Student Services Hub, Chia Kok Peng, Public Relation representative from SokaGakkai and Dr Lipika Chatterjee, the Club Advisor of IMU Eco Friends Club. After that, Yip Weng Sinn, President of this event led invited guests on the first tour around the small exhibition while explaining each panel. cofcofcof There were a total of 34 panels placed at the atrium and throughout these three days, many curious students, staff and lecturers of IMU dropped by to understand more about the exhibition as well as to show their support. The narrators worked hard to explain the panels well and answer every question asked. It was heart-warming to see the number of students who gave their undivided attention to the narrators. On 16 January, the exhibition came to an end and closing ceremony was held at noon. The representative of SokaGakkai, Charmaine was invited to give a speech. Subsequently, Khoo Yee Lun who was the emcee of the day gave a brief introduction and summary of the exhibition. 3 groups of participants from Pawformance Night 2016 were also invited to perform at the closing ceremony. After that, certificates were given to the narrators on stage and as a token of appreciation, a small gift given to Charmaine by Yip Weng Sinn, the President of the event. All in all, the exhibition was a success with its aim fulfilled. NW1

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