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Experiencing the World of Chinese Medicine at a Summer School in Shanghai

17 Aug 2015

CM3 Three students from the International Medical University (IMU)’s Chinese Medicine programme, Chua Hui Min, Pearly Chua and Lim Chen Sing had the opportunity to spend three weeks in Shanghai, China to attend a Summer School at Shanghai University of Traditional Chinese Medicine (SHUTCM). During this visit, the three students visited Longhua Hospital, Yue Yang Hospital and Shu Guang Hospital in Shanghai. The students visited the Acupuncture Department and one of the clinical wards at Longhua Hospital.  CM 6 At Shu Gang Hospital, they observed how experienced traditional Chinese medicine doctors make a diagnosis, perform acupuncture and cupping on a patient. They also had the opportunity to experience the ancient art of Chinese palpitation, which is one of the diagnostic methods in Chinese Medicine and to fill a prescription by using ancient Chinese method. A visit to Yi Da Herbal Garden gave the three students a unique experience as they were able to see, touch, smell and taste the fresh herbs, reminding them of what they have been taught at their Chinese Materia Medica lectures at IMU. CM8DSC_0401 While in Shanghai, the three students met with a senior from IMU and Malaysia exchange students to SHUTCM. They also had the opportunity to interact with students and friends from many other countries (Thailand, Brazil, Singapore, Korea, US and Canada) whom they met during their time in Shanghai. During this trip, they have learned more about the Chinese culture: making Chinese knots, calligraphy and artistic Chinese paper-cutting. CM 2CM9DSC_0412  

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