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IMU Staff and Students Explore the Amazing World of Chinese Medicine

20 May 2013

2-8 May 2013 – Three cohorts of IMU Chinese Medicine students with the guidance of their lecturer, Mr Way Chee Hoe, organised a highly successful Chinese Medicine Week at the University’s campus in Bukit Jalil. The Week was aimed at creating awareness and educating the IMU community about Chinese Medicine. These students were not only involved in the planning, setting up and some of the poster presentations, but also in a charity sale. Proceeds from this charity sale will be donated to Tung Shin Hospital, Malaysia Chinese Medicine Association and Malaysia Buddhist Association.

CM Poster First year Chinese Medicine student, Deric said that he was happy to have a chance to be part of the team to organise a booth for charity and he hopes that with the experience that was gained this year, next year’s Chinese Medicine Week will be an even better event.

Poster presentations displayed during the Week introduce Chinese Medicine in many areas including slimming by acupuncture, menopause, stimulating good appetite in children, good nutrition and hypertension. Many of the IMU staff were impressed by the posters and indicated that they have gained some knowledge about Chinese Medicine from these posters.

CM Food

The First year students selling food for the charity sale

Wong Zhi Hui, first year student class representative, said: “From the charity sales, we learnt that the sincerity is needed in order to get the donations for the charity organisations. Not for our own benefit, but for those who are really in need of these donations, for those who need our helping hand. Besides that, we understand and learnt many useful lessons such as spending money is much easier than earning money.”

“I cannot deny that the Chinese Medicine Week has indeed been an experience for me. I now know what it takes to have humility. There are a few passersby who threw us weird stares while we were managing the recycled-goods booth and some even discouraged us by giving opinions like, the people from IMU are way too high class for these. But we persevered and the supportive IMU community was a real encouragement to us. I have learnt that being persistent can actually bring us somewhere! Besides, my course mates and I have now got a clearer picture on what teamwork is,” said second year Chinese Medicine student, Tan Hzu Khim.

CM Ying Yang

The third year students happily decorate the Yin and Yang sign at the center of atrium

Another second year student, Tan Boon Seng said, “At first, I was not passionate about the Chinese Medicine Week event. However, I was touched to see the enthusiasm of my classmates and fellow course mates in contributing their time and efforts to this event and it made me embarrassed of my selfishness. I then decided to give myself a chance to learn while at the same time contribute something to the event and to the society. In a nut shell, I find this overall experience rewarding and I do enjoy working together with my classmates as a team.”    

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