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Perlunya Dapat Sokongan Betul

27 Feb 2023

An estimated 86 million young people aged 15-19 live with a diagnosed mental health condition. This statistics show that mental health issues strike while they are in the prime of their academic lives, spanning the years from secondary school into college and university. Local statistics – the National Health and Morbidity Survey found the prevalence of mental health problems is highest among those aged 16-19 years, with 18.3% having depression and 10% having suicidal thoughts. What is more worrisome is the steady increase, from 10.6% in 1996 to 29.2% in 2015 among those 16 years and above. Article is in Malay.


Learn more on the importance of proper support for students with mental health issues at Perlunya Dapat Sokongan Betul (Metro Ahad, 26 Februari 2023).

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