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From Pharmacy to Risk Management

05 Sep 2017

If somebody offers you an amazing opportunity but you are not sure you can do it, say yes – then learn how to do it later!’ – Richard Branson

This is a quote that IMU alumna, Janeen Thong Wui Leen, truly believes in. This belief together with what she has learnt in life that knowledge is never ending and persistence is the key to success had led her to where she is now – a Senior Manager, Risk Management at IHH Healthcare Berhad, a leading international provider of premium healthcare services in markets where the demand for quality healthcare is growing rapidly – specifically in Asia and Central & Eastern Europe and the Middle East region. Janeen elaborated on her work experience since she graduated from University of Strathclyde with a pharmacy degree, “Being in the healthcare industry for 10 years have made me see that there are more to just being a pharmacist. I was a pharmacist for 5 years in Subang Jaya Medical Centre before becoming a Pharmacy Manager at Columbia Asia Hospital.” “In the course of being a manager, I see the importance of clinical quality and effective management. I had the opportunities to lead many quality projects within the hospital. Hence, when the opportunity arises, I took up the challenge to become a risk manager at a corporate level. Risk management provides an assessment, monitoring, mitigation and management of anticipated risks. This was certainly an advantage with my clinical knowledge, passion to ensure patient safety and understanding the needs of upper management. It was fulfilling to know that at this level, I am able to make a bigger impact.” She started her studies in pharmacy at IMU in 2004 for the initial 2 years and transferred to University of Strathclyde for the completion of her MPharm degree – getting the best of a Malaysian and UK education while providing her with a strong foundation for her earlier career life. In addition, she has attained an MBA from University of Southern Queensland that further strengthen her management and strategic planning skills.

“IMU taught me the importance of hard work, persistence and effective teamwork. At Strathclyde, the change of culture, played an integral role in showing me the infinite possibilities that the world could offer and further preparing me to adapt to changes. The 4 years with IMU and Strathclyde have provided me with a good knowledge of foundation for the first few years of my career, which had been a challenge for me. I have made many friends in the years that I was at the two Universities. I do keep in touch with some of the closer friends, have worked with some and share many wonderful memories.”

Janeen’s advice to her juniors is to be “Open minded and prepare to take up new roles and challenges. Opportunities are of abundance only if you are willing to make change and be prepared for it.”

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