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Fun-filled Day at the Inter-Campus IMU Goodwill Games

15 Jul 2013

22 June 2013 – The team from International Medical University’s Bukit Jalil campus emerged as the overall champion of the IMU Goodwill Games at the Paroi Sports Complex in Seremban, Negeri Sembilan Darul Khusus. The Goodwill Games is an annual event mainly organised by the Student Representative Council (SRC) of International Medical University (IMU) Seremban to bring students from IMU’s campuses in Bukit Jalil and Seremban together for a fun-filled day. This year, lecturers and staff are also invited to join in the Goodwill Games providing a new platform for staff and students to interact. 75 students from IMU’s Seremban campus, 85 students from IMU’s Bukit Jalil campus as well as 15 corporate and faculty members of the University participated in these inter-campus Games. Goodwill games 01 Despite the haze, the teams from the two campuses showed a spirit of camaraderie and sportsmanship as they competed in badminton, basketball, futsal (male and female), football, netball and table tennis. Referees for all the games were mainly staff and students. Things looked good for the team from Bukit Jalil, who swept victories in four events: table tennis, netball, basketball and futsal (female). Meanwhile, the team from Seremban campus did well in football, futsal (male) and badminton. Goodwill Games 3This year also saw the introduction of a new game – Dodgeball. Dodgeball was played at the end of the event, to provide opportunity for all the players to mix around and enjoy the game. This game was also won by the Bukit Jalil team. Prizes were given away by the lecturers from both IMU campuses while A/Prof Abdul Kareem Bhurhanudeen gave away the overall Goodwill Cup to the IMU Bukit Jalil team. Congratulations to the winning team!!    

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