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Fun, Joy and Togetherness with 2022’s Best Cultural Club – The Indian Sri Lankan Hindu Cultural Society

27 Apr 2023

Away from home, away from families, it was this University (International Medical University) that became our new home, an opportunity to curate and nurture new families. Being a part of the Indian Sri Lankan Hindu Cultural Society (ISHCS) gave us this very opportunity allowing us to forge new bonds with people who had the same intention- to bring students and staff to celebrate cultures and festivals with the people we’re surrounded with.


As a member of this society, it gives immense joy and pride in knowing that people, especially international students and staff members who are away from their homelands, were able to be a part of auspicious occasions that hold personal purpose to them, all this when the pandemic was still hovering around us and honestly, still is.

In fact, although each one of us miss our homes every minute we’re away from them, at the same time, we’re also so happy to cherish some time together with people who are sailing on the same boat and as part of a society, making it extra special and hoping that they don’t miss out on the fun, regardless!

Winning the Best Cultural Club award is extremely special to us and we’re so thankful to the University and the Student Representative Council for acknowledging and appreciating our efforts to make everyone feel as welcomed and as homely as possible.


The process of working in the committee has been immaculate and we’re all going away with extremely fond memories and a lifetime of friendships which have become stronger over the course of time we’ve spent with one another. Be it the constant contacting of vendors together, visiting shops for decorations, meeting people to collaborate with us, the work has been a ride and despite the huge amount of tasks that had to be completed, we were so happy to be working for a good purpose, one that filled our hearts too.


One of our favourite and most successful events was the Deepavali/ Diwali week, a 3-day event which started off with a Banana Leaf Lunch followed by a Diwali Carnival and lastly Diwali Finale night.

A meal such as the banana leaf lunch felt so close to heart as it felt so much like home, eating traditional Indian food on banana leaves is something most of us have been observing and following at home for years and experiencing this and seeing other people leave with a smile on their faces made us highly delighted and a tad bit sentimental too.

Similarly, Indian festivals, along with the religious and auspicious aspects they possess, also have a fun side to them and the Diwali carnival was to celebrate that very side. Seeing students and even staff come to our stalls and enjoy the games while also thoroughly devouring our food stalls like Pani Puri stalls, Samosa stalls, was so thrilling and a rather interesting experience.

We were so sad with the approach of the end of Diwali Week however, the Diwali Finale night was a thunderous success- a night filled with dance, music and food.

The responses were brilliant for all these days as we believe we got a massive number of people to come by and celebrate this august festival with us.

It was loaded with moments of pride, glory and satisfaction.


We would like to congratulate the new members of the ISHCS committee as we pass on our batons to them. We dearly hope they come out glorious with the best of events especially face-to-face ones, now that we’re slowly moving away from online events, and most importantly, have fun during their process of work as we believe it’ll be those precious little moments that will be remembered and loved for years to come!!

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