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IMU Nursing Student: Challenges and Opportunities During My Clinical Posting

27 Apr 2023

Clinical experiences are essential components of healthcare education, providing us, the students, with hands-on opportunities to bridge theoretical knowledge into real-world practice.  These experiences offer a unique learning environment where students learn with guidance from experienced healthcare professionals. Clinical placement not only helps us to develop clinical reasoning, skills in therapeutic communication, decision-making skills, and ability to adapt in difficult environments but also helps us to develop empathy and compassion towards patients and families.

Challenges During Clinical Posting
While clinical posting can be rewarding and fulfilling, there are challenges for student nurses, especially those in the junior semesters. One of my challenges is finding a quick way to adapt to the healthcare system in the respective hospital. Each healthcare setting has its own complex workflows and protocols to guide safe practice and patient care. We learnt to understand the processes and systems while adapting to the environment and people.


Due to technological advances, we also learn to navigate those digitalised machines in critical care setting, such as mechanical ventilators, hemodynamic monitoring devices and hemodialysis machines. Through hands-on practice and guidance from clinical instructor and staff nurses, I am now able to relate the principles of care and its rationales.

During my posting, I encountered a patient who was diagnosed with grade four infected bilateral iliac sore and chronic kidney disease. The patient was on fluid restriction and with a feeding regimen. However, the documentation of the input and output chart inaccurately reflected his intake. During my care, he developed fluid overload with minimal urine output. Such an incident prompts us to reflect on the importance of accurate documentation in maintaining the quality of patient care. Through self-reflection, we also identified our strengths and weaknesses, areas for improvement, and opportunities to grow.


In my opinion, clinical posting is fundamental for nursing students to further enhance critical thinking and problem-solving skills, as well as communication skills. It also develops our ability to adapt and cope better in various situations. Seeking support from a preceptor or mentor is one of the ways for emotional support and guidance.


It is never easy to be a nurse, but I strive to achieve my dream to become a caring and competent nurse.


Written by Yap Hooi San, IMU Nursing Student NU1/20
Reviewed and edited by Dr Chang Woan Ching, Lecturer/Programme Director.

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