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Gaining Insights into the World of Chinese Medicine at IMU

12 Jan 2016

2 – 4 December 2015 – All cohorts of IMU Chinese Medicine students with the encouragement and guidance of their lecturers, organised a Chinese Medicine Week at the University’s campus in Bukit Jalil. This Week was organised to raise awareness and introduce the many components of Chinese Medicine to other students and staff. Most importantly, it promotes the inter-batch relationships within Chinese Medicine. Majority of the students from different cohorts were actively involved during the preparation and on the week itself. It took roughly a month for the committee to plan out properly, from proposal to preparation and then execution. Before the week began, the decoration team decorated the atrium with a yin-yang logo suspended in the air and the Five Elements in the middle of the atrium. The exhibition complements this by explaining the basic theory of Chinese Medicine and enlightening the students and public. Equipment for cupping and acupuncture as well as Chinese materia medica were also displayed throughout the week. 12336078_10153018637641706_787794834_nCM2 Seniors from second year and above were busy providing tuina, ear acupressure and cupping services. Many students and staff had also obtained on the spot diagnosis and was able to understand more about their body condition and how to improve it. cm-week-lecturers Furthermore, pre-ordered chicken soup and chi-kut-teh were sold. Different types of herbal jellies, luo han guo and chrysanthemum tea were also sold throughout the week. All food sold contained different types of Chinese Medicine herbs which are good for nourishing the body.

The enthusiasm of these students in contributing their time and efforts to this event made a huge impact to this event in making it a great success.

Click here to view more photos of this event.  

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