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IMU Medical Biotechnology Alumnus Returns to Work at Alma Mater

23 Feb 2016

Yeo Pei Ling started studying for her medical biotechnology (MB) degree at the International Medical University (IMU) in 2010 and completed her studies in 2013. She is currently employed as a research assistant in Postgraduate Research Lab IMU and is involved in cancer cell culture. Her job required her to carry out various analyses using molecular biology techniques in order to study the expression of proteins in a cellular level. Fascinated in the intrinsic nature of biological science, particularly the application of scientific principle in the development of new technologies for the advancement of future healthcare system, Pei Ling decided to study Medical Biotechnology as she felt this is the ideal option in working toward her passion. “The vigorous and up-to-dated modules at MB IMU that covered broad spectrum of areas ranging from physical science, organic chemistry, various sub-specialties of biology to enterprise management in this programme taught me many things. But, the most distinctive one during my learning experience was that I realised through the study of genetic: behind every living thing is that every living organism ties with biotechnology and how its application impact healthcare system. Besides, in between lectures, we were required to complete laboratory practical sessions where we need to submit a complete practical report after a week. Furthermore, the student to lecturer ratio was really good in this programme where the lecturers get to know the students well, giving added advantage of getting a more customised learning experiences for myself.”

“During my final semester, I was involved in a dissertation project where I gained experience on how life would be as a scientist, when I were given a chance to carry out my experiment in the Postgraduate Research Lab. Other than the hands-on experience, research proposal writing, research proposal defense and dissertation have strengthened my critical thinking and analytical skill in data organisation and interpretation, as well as discussion of the results obtained. Time management skill is essential during this period where I will need to navigate my time between dissertation project as well as lectures that I had to attend.”

“IMU Medical Biotechnology Programme has given me a solid fundamental knowledge in wide fields and technical skills that are required for my future postgraduate studies. More importantly, this programme has embraced myself to become a more resilient person who is adaptable to changes and committed towards my profession”.

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