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My Professional and Personal Development as a Scholar

16 Dec 2019

Choosing a degree is a crucial decision for everyone. Since I was 15, I have always wanted to pursue a degree in Pharmacy. My passion for pharmaceutical sciences and drug development has driven me to consistently keep up with the latest drug developments. This has given me the drive to plan to complete my degree in pharmacy and continue my studies in Masters in Pharmacy Practice and finally a PhD in Pharmaceutical Sciences and Pharmacogenomics.


My decision to enrol into the pharmacy degree at IMU is due to the fact that this university offers one of the best pharmacy programmes in Malaysia. Moreover, it provides many other healthcare degrees which I feel is very important as this would provide me with a good start in making connections with future healthcare professionals.


As a bonus, I was selected to be one of the recipients of the IMU Scholarship. I was thrilled when I got the email saying that I was selected for this scholarship. I was also happy that all my hard work had paid off and that I could reduce the financial burden of my mother.


My IMU Journey I am currently in Semester 6 of my degree and so far I have had nothing but good experiences at IMU. One key advantage that IMU offers is the dedication of their lecturers. Since Semester 1, all the lecturers have been ready to offer their guidance as well as extensive knowledge on each module they teach. When I am unsure of anything, all it takes is one quick email and the lecturers are ready to meet and address my enquiries. I have always received this kind of support and guidance from my lecturers. Studying in IMU has not only been trouble-free for me but it has prepared me for the constant evolution of the healthcare industry. As a recipient of the IMU Scholarship, I am in the IMU Scholars Committee and this has allowed me to participate and organise many events on campus.

Event Role
Educators Appreciation Week 2018 Emcee
TEDX Organising Committee
Interprofessional Forum 2019 Speaker
Intervarsity Innovation in Medicine Idea Challenge Merit Award
Scholars 2018 Fundraising Project Leader

in June 2018, I was elected as President of the IMU Scholars Committee. My main aim as President was to ensure that the Scholars Committee actively participates in events around IMU. I also wanted the members to contribute their skills and talents wherever necessary. I encouraged the new scholars to actively participate in activities and events that were carried out by our committee. The main objective was to ensure that the scholars develop their soft skills.  As the President, I also encourage the Scholars to organise events that they are passionate about. I always tell them that the Scholars Committee is a platform for them to carry out any project that they are passionate about.


Outside of IMU, I actively volunteer for a free clinic run by the Temple of Fine Arts. I have been doing this for 2 years and it has been very rewarding. This has also polished my clinical and community skills as a pharmacist. My main priority is and has always been my studies. I have never been the type to prepare a timetable to schedule my time. I have a good sense of my responsibilities and which to prioritise. All the other activities will be done only after I have settled anything that is related to academics. I have always been this way, and so far it’s been working well for me.


Written by Vilashini Saravanan


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