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Health Awareness Day
(23 Feb 2013)

08 Mar 2013

In conjunction with celebration of University Day on the 22nd of February, Health Awareness Day  (HAD) was held on Saturday, 23 Feb 2013 at IMU, Bukit Jalil Campus.  This effort seeks to raise awareness of the importance of health to the public. The HAD is one of the many projects under IMU Cares which promotes free health check activities. Through various talk and therapies, the event raised awareness of various health issues including alternative medicine chiropractic pain relief and management and common children’s diseases. Attendees were offered the following screening services: -Dental screening, -Random blood glucose and cholesterol measurement, -BMI and body fat percentage measurement with dietetic counseling, -Blood pressure measurement, -Pulse reading and counseling, -Spine examination, -Stress management counseling -Smoking cessation counseling

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Following the above assessments, all attendees were offered consultation with a doctor who discussed the results and offered advice on ways of improving their lifestyles and reducing the risks of major cardiovascular problems.

The event proved to be a great success with feedback from the attendees being very encouraging. There was a successful turnout for registration of over 100 visitors.

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