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IMU Collaborates with Malaysian Chinese Medicine Association and Malaysian Buddhist Association

13 Mar 2013

4 March 2013—The International Medical University (IMU) has established a formal agreement with the Malaysian Chinese Medical Association (MCMA) and the Buddhist Association (MBA) which will see all three organisations working collaboratively in the development of Chinese Medicine in Malaysia. The agreement with MBA will be in force for ten years while the agreement with MCMA is initially for a period of three years. Both agreements will be formalised by Memorandums of Understanding (MOU) with each organisation which will put frameworks in place for IMU and MCMA to work on collaborative projects including providing IMU Chinese Medicine students with internship and practical clinical sessions. The MOUs will also provide a platform for IMU to facilitate library resources and training in Chinese Medicine to MCMA. Joint collaborative projects will be initiated in areas such as teaching, pre-clinical research and to improve the quality of Chinese Medicine in Malaysia.  Other aspects of cooperation in the pharmaceutical industry that are beneficial to both parties will also be carried out. They will also work collaboratively to expand the influence of Chinese Medicine and to promote the modernisation of medical education, medical treatment and research in this country and region. At the same ceremony, a MOU was also signed with Malaysian Buddhist Association (MBA) for the provision of facilities, equipment, personnel and services for the purpose of teaching and training of the students pursuing the Chinese Medicine programme at IMU. MCMA describes itself  as ‘the oldest Chinese medical organisation in Malaysia’ and was established to further develop Chinese Medicine and to enhance Malaysian’s confidence in Chinese Medicine. MCMA is established to develop Chinese Medicine and to enhance Malaysian’s confidence in Chinese Medicine. It was first established as the Selangor Chinese Medical Associate, then expanded and a Central Malaysia Chinese Medical Associate was established, which its name was changed to MCMA in 1989. MCMA has more than one thousand registered members. MBA KL/Selangor Branch Medical Welfare Centre is a department of Malaysian Buddhist Association Kuala Lumpur/Selangor.  It is a society registered under the Societies Act.

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