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Healthcare Management Leadership: A Necessity in All Organisations

16 Aug 2022

Be a leader in healthcare management, stay ahead by enhancing knowledge and skills managing healthcare without having to compromise on employment with a hybrid Learning programme by International Medical University (IMU).


The Master of Business Administration in Healthcare Management (MBAHM) at IMU assists in the development of skills in business analysis, managing health organisations, financial planning and strategic thinking in healthcare services.


The course educates students in understanding the management and strategy context in organisations and the application of these concepts to organisations in matters related to health whether it be in healthcare or non-healthcare organizations.   It covers topics on cost cutting, employee motivation, strategic management, marketing strategy, predicting market trends, clinical governance, health laws, business analysis, conducting research and improving overall performance focusing on effectiveness and efficacy.  These skills equip the graduate with the ability to ascertain that their healthcare organisations are operationally, financially and clinically capable of serving the needs of patients or customers.


The management project component of this course involves writing a proposal, data collection, analysis and interpretation which prepares the graduate for research within their organisations and outside their organisations.  The course covers development of strategies in disease prevention, intersectoral collaboration with other healthcare agencies and financial management.


As we emerge from the COVID-19 pandemic, we are moving out of the fully online classes to hybrid mode of face-to-face and online classes.   We are well prepared to go to full online mode if the need arises.


The IMU MBAHM programme attracts students from diverse health and non-health backgrounds.  Students can come in full time or part-time and it is open to both local and international students.  The course runs for 1 year 3 months for full time students and between two to three years for part time students.

“For someone who has no healthcare background, I have gained a lot of new knowledge from a team of knowledgeable, experienced and dedicated lecturers. I have learnt and gained a lot of important skills during this time that are important to my working life: teamwork, time management, presentation skills, confidence, taking initiative, leadership, stress management and most of all the friendships of my cohort mates.  Learning from other students with diverse background has provided me with a lot of new and fresh perspectives from interactions with people with different approaches to problem-solving and ways of thinking. I have formed many personal and professional relationships that I value highly and that will serve me well in the years to come”, said Ooi Su Yin, a Postgraduate Diploma of Business Administration in Healthcare Management and MBAHM graduate.

“The MBA in Healthcare Management programme from IMU gave me the opportunity to explore and learn a different field compared to my undergraduate studies. With a comprehensive variety of classes and a team of knowledgeable and experienced faculty, it made studying interesting, informative, and challenging. Having students from different types of background created an atmosphere with a wealth of experience and culture, which vastly increased the learning opportunities from each other and building inter-professional collaborations. The knowledge obtained from this programme will be directly applicable in my career. The foresight to make distance learning tools available early made the transition during the pandemic painless and undisruptive. I am truly grateful to have been given the opportunity to be part of this learning journey as the foundation towards something greater in the future.” said Dr Benjamin Loo Tat Meng, another MBAHM graduate.

“First and foremost, I am proud to be an alumnus of IMU MBA in Healthcare Management Programme! My experience with the MBAHM programme has been nothing less than remarkable as it has enabled such personal and professional growth. Here, I was able to learn fundamental business and management skills necessary to think critically and to act judiciously. More importantly, I am privileged to have been surrounded with knowledgeable and diverse faculty with industry experts that have empowered their students! This programme have connected me to many brilliant and ambitious individuals within the healthcare fraternity, some of who are now my dear friends with whom I continue to trade quality improvement ideas. One tangible outcome after completing this programme was my professional advancement which has put me at the forefront of the next top management level within my organisation. I credit this to my experience with the MBAHM IMU programme.”, said Dr Nitiyanantam A/L Perremal, also a MBAHM graduate

Ooi Su Yin (second from left) and Dr Nitiyanantam A/L Perremal (fourth from left) at their convocation ceremony on 25 June 2022.

The MBAHM programme is focused on providing a comprehensive systematic curriculum for the students, with a variety of teaching methods employed including tutorials, interactive videos,  field visits, seminar presentations, role-play, case discussions, flipped classroom, mini workshops, simulations and lectures. This content is delivered by experienced faculty, who have specialised management experience in the government and private sectors.


By Prof Dr Adlina Suleiman & Dr Vijayesvaran Arumugam

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