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Hiking Craze Hits IMU Eco Friends Club Members

08 Mar 2018

Everyone seems to be into the hiking craze lately. You not only get fitter, but you will be able to see the sunrise. There can be nothing more pleasing to the senses than the sunrise, which has a peculiar sensation over the human mind. On 16 December 2017, IMU Eco Friends Club organised a hiking adventure to the Broga Hill and named it as “High on The Hill Top”. Approximately 70 students took part in the event and the departure time was at 4:00 am. Participants were asked to prepare a headlamp or flashlight of maximum illumination for exploring the darkness since it was an early morning and the route was dark and challenging. Some of the routes were temporarily closed to enable restoration works to be carried out on its slopes. Hence, participants were encouraged to slow down, be observant and help each other. The trail was fairly easy but the most challenging part was to get up to the hill top in time. At 6:50 am., all participants were managed to reach the top of the Broga Hill.

The sun rose up an hour later and the serene scene of sunrise started. The bluish sky turned light and the yellow colour started to show its presence gradually. The egg-yolk-like sun started to appear and illuminated everything on the ground with its sunlight. Birds chirped to welcome the beauty of the sun.

Some of the participants were there to have their first experience of sunrise. They claimed that they understand the importance of sunrise, which has a slight healing effect on disturbed souls. The adventure was successful and all the participants headed back to IMU at 10:30 am. It was indeed a fruitful experience. Bukit Broga Hill, or known as “Bukit Lalang”, is a hill in Semenyih, at 400 meters high and 40 minutes away from Kuala Lumpur on the trunk road to Broga. It is located near the University of Nottingham. The beauty of this hill is the tall, dense weed and spectacular view. There are 4 peaks, which eventually provide options for the hikers to choose which peak to be on for a wider and better view.

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