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How I Became a Pharmacist

06 Nov 2023

My journey at IMU began with Foundation in Science, where I met like-minded individuals who shared a common aspiration to pursue careers in healthcare. After my Foundation in Science, I chose to continue my studies at IMU as a pharmacy student due to my passion for pharmacy.


In a blink of an eye, I have already graduated with the Bachelor of Pharmacy (Hons). Looking back, the four years of study were indeed memorable and instrumental in preparing me to embark on a pharmacy career.


Undeniably, the pharmacy programme at IMU has comprehensive coverage on vast aspects ranging from basic sciences, pharmacology, compounding, pharmacokinetic, clinical pharmacy and many more. This has allowed me to be equipped with the required skills and knowledge to excel in my future career.


Besides its curriculum, the interactive and engaging learning sessions such as tutorials, workshops, problem-based learning (PBL), practical and pharmacy skill development (PSD) sessions have made my learning far more interesting. These sessions reinforced my knowledge and assisted me in developing critical thinking, problem-solving and interpersonal skills. Besides, having supportive, dedicated, patient and approachable lecturers throughout my learning journey had kept me motivated all time.


During my initial semester, the learning sessions were carried out as planned. However, there was a significant change when the Covid-19 pandemic emerged during my second semester, lasting for approximately two years. This situation had greatly affected my learning experience as all the learning sessions were carried out virtually. Adapting to virtual learning sessions is a challenge because it requires self-discipline and good concentration skills. Fortunately, the faculty and lecturers had been constantly improving the transition into virtual learning by incorporating interactive elements into the learning sessions.


In my final year, there were also opportunities to explore different fields of pharmacy through experiential learning whereby I managed to acquire internship opportunities at a private hospital, government hospital, community pharmacy and pharmaceutical company. Through these opportunities, I had the opportunity to observe and experience various aspects of pharmacy practice in diverse settings. These experiences significantly broadened my understanding and perspective on pharmacy practice, allowing me to apply theoretical knowledge to real-world situations.


Moreover, having the opportunity to participate and organise a number of physical activities and events during the post-pandemic year in my university life had allowed me to enjoy my university life to the fullest. This has provided me with the opportunity to engage with pharmacy students from various universities and backgrounds, which enabled me to broaden my network. Additionally, this experience enhanced my proficiency in soft skills, such as project management, interpersonal communication, and effective time management.

Where I am Working Now?

Currently, I am a Provisionally Registered Pharmacist who is serving in a tertiary government hospital setting. In the future, I might also consider pursuing a master study in pharmacy.

A Few words for Those who wish to Pursue a Pharmacy Degree

There might be times that life hits a plateau but remember to believe in yourself and never set limitations upon yourself. Eventually, you will discover your potential. Besides, everyone has a different pace so learn to enjoy your own pace instead of rushing things.


Written by Ng Wan Li from the BP119 cohort, Board of Governors Gold Medallist for the November 2023 Convocation (awarded to the student who achieves the highest academic standing in his/her degree programme).

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