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A Journey to be Cherished

07 Nov 2023

A journey that started 4 years back has ended with fruitful results. Let me recap briefly the years I spent pursuing a bachelor’s degree in Dietetics with Nutrition at IMU. Every student dreams of having a full life experience as a university student. Attending lectures, participating in extracurricular activities, social networking, and making the most of your time on campus are important aspects of the university experience. However, my classmates and I were deprived of this experience after our first semester due to COVID-19 pandemic restrictions.


The unprecedented circumstances led us to adapt to new situations such as studying virtually. During this arduous time, the university managed to resume the lectures within a few weeks of lockdown. The lecturers did their best to conduct these lectures and other teaching sessions while figuring things out on their own.


As the semesters went by, studying virtually with the use of different platforms became the new norm. I was eager to have peer interaction (non-virtually) and with the ease of lockdown regulations, we had a few practicals on-site which was delightful.


Furthermore, we had the chance to do our internship face-to-face by following the restrictions implemented to minimise COVID-19 cases. We were provided with the opportunity to enhance our skills and knowledge as a food service, clinical, and community dietitian. Interning in different sectors was marvellous as we were exposed to different environments that required us to be divergent thinkers. Over the last 4 years, I have adapted to both leadership and team roles as needed to successfully complete assigned tasks and projects.

My Plans for the Future

Currently, I am unemployed because I need to become a registered dietitian under Allied Health, which can be done after I receive my transcript and convocation certificate. Since registration is a prolonged process whereby, I am required to partake an exam, I plan to seek job opportunities which are related to my field of expertise (ie: work as a researcher).


Moreover, when I become a registered dietitian, I aim to work either in a private or government hospital to provide consultations to people who seek my guidance. I believe that the future is unpredictable and I will seize any opportunity which will aid in building my career as long as the job scope aligns with my ethics.


I would take this moment to acknowledge and show my gratitude to all the lecturers and clinical instructors who gave their best to educate and train us to become the best version of ourselves. Though there were a few hurdles during our studies, we anticipate that our feedback will be beneficial in shaping the curriculum for the juniors.

Advice to Juniors

Appreciate the opportunities bestowed upon you and take full advantage to enhance your knowledge and skills. Additionally, do not hesitate to clear your doubts during your placements and do not be embarrassed by your mistakes. Embrace your mistakes and overcome them by improving yourself. Learn and re-learn along with your peers and under the guidance of the clinical instructors, lecturers, and dietitians. I hope you will enjoy the journey as be optimistic learner.


Written by Mariyam Thaima Mohamed Usham, Dietetics with Nutrition, DN119

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