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IMU Alumnus Furthers Her Studies to an Australian University

29 Feb 2016

An IMU Medical Biotechnology Alumnus, Tan Siew Zhuan is currently studying Master of Biotechnology at The University of Queensland. Here, she recalls the good times studying at IMU. 11692850_931499243583295_397764096_n “When I enrolled into IMU, I applied for Chinese Medicine. Yet, due to some family issues, I changed my decision and applied for Medical Biotechnology. I didn’t regret this decision as after I joined this programme, I realised that I have a strong interest in this field. The best learning experience that I encountered while studying MB is the final-year research project. Even though it was a challenge to me as the research workload was heavy, I still enjoyed it very much and I felt that it was worth it because I was being accepted and able to present my research finding in the 13th World Congress of the International Association for Plant Biotechnology IAPB 2014, which held in Melbourne, from 10-15 August 2014.” IMG_2493 “As a final year student of MB, I was grateful for the once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to present my final-year research project entitled “Anti-inflammatory Properties of Canarium odontophyllum on Lipopolysaccharide-stimulated RAW 264.7 Macrophages” through a poster presentation. Nevertheless, I really appreciated the opportunity to work with my supervisors because I wouldn’t have succeeded without their guidance and encouragement”. Full story at IMU Medical Biotechnology Student Presents in Melbourne Congress 11696835_931499160249970_739244847_n During the final year of MB course, I also underwent a 2 months biotechnology internship. I was glad to be accepted by Cancer Science Institute of Singapore because as an undergraduate, I felt that it was a precious opportunity to work at such a prominent research centre with various researchers from different countries, including China, Taiwan, Japan and India.” Full story at Internship in Singapore for IMU’s Medical Biotechnology Student 11270133_931499070249979_1318872672_n “In two months of internship programme, I really gained a wonderful and great experience, not only practical skills, but also how to work in a team. I really appreciated everything that I learnt during my studies in IMU because it helps me a lot when I’m studying Master of Biotechnology at The University of Queensland. The various modules in MB course such as Cell and Molecular Biology, Applied Biochemistry, Genomics and Molecular Diagnostics strengthened my foundation in molecular biology and genetics. Besides that, the hands-on experience in using bioinformatics tools, isolating and purifying proteins helped me a lot when I’m pursuing my postgraduate studies. In conclusion, I’m really glad that I have made a right choice to study MB in IMU because of the structured modules, good facilities and kind lecturers.”  

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