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Working as a Nurse in Germany

11 Aug 2020

Once again, IMU Nursing alumni continues to soar high in their professional lives! It is an honor to share the success story of one of our alumni, Evelyn Cheang Qingjun, from cohort NU1/11, who graduated from IMU Bachelor of Nursing (Hons) programme in 2015. She is currently based in Southern Germany and working as a registered nurse (RN) at University Hospital Tübingen. Going down the memory lane to the time when she was a Nursing student at IMU, she mentioned that she had the most memorable time during her clinical postings in Hospital Tuanku Jaafar, Seremban. She learned tremendously the importance of medication safety when she prepared and administered medicines under the supervision of her clinical instructor/preceptor. At the same time, she feels that IMU is great in providing a multicultural and multidisciplinary environment to all their students. “We were given many inter-professional learning opportunities with students from other healthcare professional programmes such as Medicine, Pharmacy as well as Nutrition and Dietetics. Hence, I had eventually built my self-confidence to contribute as part of a healthcare team which I think is significant as we are trained to be a team player not just a follower.”

Evelyn’s Journey After Graduation

Her journey as a registered nurse did not stop after her graduation in 2015. “After graduating, I joined Mount Elizabeth Novena Hospital, Singapore and was assigned to the Anaesthesia Unit. After working for one and a half years there, I decided to move to Germany in the year 2017.I had to first learn the German language and then pass a language exam, which I did within a year. Subsequently, I proceeded to undergo a compulsory 4-month-posting in 3 specific areas namely rehabilitation unit, psychiatry unit and ambulant care. After going through all these challenges, I finally received my long-term license to practice nursing in Germany. Unlike in Malaysia, a registered nurse in Germany is not required to renew their practicing license annually, instead, once you have obtained your license, you can practice anywhere in the EU countries.”

Evelyn had been working in this public university hospital in Tübingen since last year – 2019. According to Evelyn, each nurse is assigned to at least one practical student and they would have to mentor them. It is during her time at work that she truly appreciates her rigorous training at IMU especially the emphasis on rechecking of medication which had prevented several near-missed medication errors from happening during her probation period. Evelyn’s future plan is to accomplish her ambition to be a Certified Nurse Anesthetist. She was inspired by IMU Nursing faculty to do her best and spread her wings. “The person who inspired me the most, was Prof Lim Pek Hong, who had once told us that Nursing is like a valid passport for you to travel wherever your heart desires. She had always encouraged us to go further and achieve as high as we are capable of.” “At present, there is a great demand for nurses everywhere in the world. Hence, this motivates me to excel in my career, as the need for more nurses entails that there are job opportunities in almost every EU country, with great allowances and annual pay increment.”

Evelyn’s Inspiring Advice 
“My advice to those who are reading this article is- Go! Encourage the people around you to do Nursing if they really desire to gain opportunity to work anywhere in the world. If they want to see the world, be a nurse. Nursing skills don’t promise you to be a millionaire but it’s practical, essential enough to be applied anywhere in the world and at the right place, it brings you joy and a balanced work-life.”

As IMU faculty members, we are truly proud of Evelyn’s accomplishments and her success story. We hope our alumni will continue to inspire other Nursing students! Prepared by Ms Yee Bit-Lian Edited by Dr Lim Swee Geok

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