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IMU Alumni Award Winner 2024: A Trailblazer in Medicine

15 Apr 2024

When asked about how it felt to be awarded the IMU Alumni Award 2024, A/Prof Dr Erwin Khoo Jiayuan expressed that the win was not merely gratifying but profoundly meaningful. It exemplifies the result of tireless efforts and a commitment to excellence that has not only left a positive mark but also garnered acknowledgement from esteemed peers.

Looking back to the beginning of his journey, Dr Erwin shared that the decision to pursue Medicine at IMU was out of necessity. Amidst the fiercely competitive admissions landscape of public universities, the limited options available led him to explore private institutions. At that time IMU stood out prominently, offering a distinguished programme which is perfectly aligned with Dr Erwin’s aspirations and goals.


Dr Erwin’s journey as a student at IMU turned out to be a combination of learning and growth, marked by numerous transformative experiences. From navigating the rigors of academic pursuits to forging friendships amidst shared aspirations, each encounter contributed significantly to his professional development.

A/Prof Dr Erwin Khoo Jiayuan (in the middle) receiving the IMU Alumni Award 2024 during University Day.

Following graduation, Dr Erwin consciously chose to maintain ties with IMU for various reasons, among notable ones were the constraints encountered within public institutions and the enriching opportunities for continuous learning and professional development advancement provided by IMU.

Dr Erwin is currently

Head of Pediatrics Department at IMU

Research Fellow in the Department of Global Health and Social Medicine at Harvard Medical School

Executive Council Member for the College of Pediatrics, Academy of Medicine of Malaysia as well as the Malaysian Paediatric Association.

The influence of IMU on Dr Erwin’s career trajectory has been multidimensional to say the least, accentuated through the institution’s robust educational framework and emphasis on professional development.


His time in IMU has equipped him with the requisite skills and mindset to navigate the complexities of medical profession with value. As with any and every success, it comes after overcoming challenges. Dr Erwin himself has encountered a formidable challenge in his career, the transition into hierarchical systems deep-rooted within organisational structures and work culture. However, through steadfast commitment to continuous learning and an unwavering resolve to adapt to change, Dr Erwin has adeptly navigated the dynamic landscape of medicine.


Dr Erwin also shared that embarking on his professional journey after graduation has been a remarkable diverse experience with noteworthy milestones. From altruistic endeavours in countries like Cambodia, Bangladesh, and Somalia to prestigious accolades such as the Young Investigator Award by the Perinatal Society of Malaysia and Fellowship by the Royal College of Paediatrics and Child Health.


With the multitude of responsibilities, he admits that balancing the demands of personal and professional life has been a perpetual pursuit which requires concerted efforts towards self-care, effective time management and nurturing meaningful relationships. After all, no man is an island as they say.

Aspirations for the Future

As Dr Erwin looks ahead to the future, his aspirations encompass a desire to contribute more extensively to consultancy work and play an instrumental role in shaping the trajectory of aspiring professionals through mentorship and coaching.

Invaluable Advice for Current Students and Recent Graduates

On this note, Dr Erwin offers invaluable advice for current students and recent graduates – dream big and when faced with reality, we should always strive to do more than is expected and in the face of challenges, adaptability, and a steadfast commitment to learning and growth are essential.


The Advancement & Alumni Office congratulates Dr Erwin on winning the IMU Alumni Award 2024 and continues to stand behind him and eagerly look forward to his future achievements.

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