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IMU University Student Ambassador Week 2024: Be the Changemaker

16 Apr 2024

On 26, 27, and 29 March, the Student Ambassadors (SA) of IMU University organised our annual SA Week with the objective of enhancing awareness about Student Ambassadors and augmenting our visibility. Additionally, our aim was to bolster recruitment rates for a new cohort of SAs in the upcoming months of April and May.


The motto that resonates within our Student Ambassador cohort is “Be the Changemaker”! As Ambassadors, we are bestowed with a distinctive opportunity to instigate change within our university community and extend our influence beyond its confines. This week is dedicated to commemorating our roles as catalysts for positive transformation and fostering an environment where each member is inspired to effect meaningful change in the world around us.

Opening Ceremony

To start this captivating week, we cordially extended invitations to all students and faculty members to partake in our opening ceremony. During this ceremony, we unveiled the theme “Be the Changemaker” and delineated our objectives and aspirations for the forthcoming week. It is with great honour that we welcomed Ms Florence, the Head of Student Services Hub at IMU University, to commence our proceedings with her eloquent and motivational speech. Furthermore, we had the privilege of hosting Gan Jia Yi, the President of SA Week 2024, who shared insights into the collaborative journey undertaken by the organising team in orchestrating this event.


The session culminated with the profound words of Mahatma Gandhi, “Be the change you wish to see in this world,” aimed at inspiring all attendees—students and faculty alike—to embrace a proactive stance, instigate positive transformations, and contribute meaningfully to the community and the lives of others. The Student Ambassador body hereby implored the IMU community to embody the ethos of proactiveness, nurturing individuals into prospective leaders of tomorrow.

Highlights of Event

Throughout the three days of events, the SA Week 2024 committee curated and orchestrated a variety of interactive games and activities tailored around themes such as leadership, team spirit, and proactiveness.

The primary objective was to entice student participation across all three days of the event while imparting meaningful messages embedded within each game.


Undoubtedly, the highlight of our programme was the maze competition, a continuous feature throughout the three-day event. Participants were tasked with navigating their way through the maze blindfolded, relying solely on guidance and direction provided by their peers stationed outside the maze.

This activity not only injected an element of excitement and challenge but also underscored the importance of trust and camaraderie within team dynamics, fostering a sense of unity and cohesion among participants.


Additionally, a dedicated booth was established for the SA exhibition and recruitment, manned by our esteemed SA members.

Here, students were encouraged to engage with the Ambassadors, listen to their narratives, glean insights from their experiences, and draw inspiration for their own journeys towards effecting positive change.


Anticipation for future SA-hosted events such as the Speed Challenge, Health Fair, and Among the Stars talent show was palpable among attendees, with several expressing keen interest in joining the SA ranks in the forthcoming batch intake.

Moreover, a collection of goods, perks, and vouchers from exclusive tote bags giveaway to food and beverage Vouchers, were prepared for our participants, further enhancing the overall event experience.


Overall, the event reached out to approximately 130 IMU University students and some faculty members, with most giving positive and encouraging feedback based on our survey.

Closing Ceremony

On the last day of SA Week 2024, we were privileged to gather all participants for a brief yet memorable closing ceremony.

The ceremony featured a prize-giving session with our supervisor, Ms. Attikah, followed by a heartfelt closing address delivered by the President of SA Week 2024. Delight radiated among students as they were presented with prizes, including vouchers for Mad Alchemy and He&She Café, as well as our exclusive tote bags, thoughtfully customised by our design directors, Yang Wen Shan (PC123) and Koay Si Min (ME222).

As SA Week 2024 concluded, the atmosphere reverberated with cheers from our esteemed participants. The event had not only left indelible memories but also forged new friendships and enriched experiences that would accompany us into the next chapter of our journey. With hearts brimming with gratitude, we bid farewell to SA Week 2024, carrying with us the invaluable lessons and cherished connections nurtured throughout its duration.


As SAs, we bear the weight of responsibility to serve as exemplars and ignite inspiration within our community to embrace their roles as changemakers. This week presents us with a unique opportunity to unite, acknowledge our collective potential, and enact impactful change for the betterment of both present and future generations.


Moreover, this event serves as a testament to the transformative power wielded by our community, where SAs spearhead initiatives to cultivate leadership, foster team spirit, and promote proactivity among peers.


Let us wholeheartedly embrace this challenge, kindle our passions, and steadfastly commit to being the changemakers our world needs. Together, let us rise to the occasion and Be the Changemaker!


Written by Gan Jia Yi (DN121), President of SA Week 2024

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