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IMU Alumnus Pursues a Medical Career in USA

14 Apr 2016

Dr Ng Su Ann started her foray in medicine in September 1996 after she completed her undergraduate degree in Winthrop University, South Carolina USA. She was interested in doing something new and since there were no doctors in her family at that time, Su Ann decided to pursue a career in medicine. With the intention of obtaining her medical degree from USA, she started her medical studies in 1996 at a private medical college in Malaysia (now known as International Medical University) and transferred to Thomas Jefferson University – Jefferson Medical College (TJ) (now known as Sidney-Kimmel Medical College) in February 1999. She then graduated with her degree from TJ in 2001. Upon completion of her studies, Su Ann obtained an internship position in Medicine at Albert Einstein Medical Center, Philadelphia. After several years as a general diagnostic radiologist, Su Ann decided to return back to academics and completed a fellowship in Neuroradiology at Mount Sinai Hospital, NYC. During her training at Yale and Mount Sinai, Su Ann had the pleasure of learning from many highly respected and well recognised radiologists. She has not regretted her decision to pursue a career in medicine and is currently working as a Consultant Radiologist at the Neuroradiology, ER and General Radiology Department, Sanford Health System, North Dakota, USA. She thoroughly enjoys her work as a Radiologist and currently performs all modalities in radiology including interpretation of MR and CT studies. Speaking enthusiastically about her profession, Su Ann said, “I love my job. If given the choice. I might add some teaching posts in the future depending on where my career takes me. As for now, I plan to stick to this rewarding career indefinitely.”

Her advice to students who aspire to be doctors and wish to pursue a career in medicine is “This is a lifelong commitment to yourself and your patients. It can be very challenging at times. At times it can be physically challenging particularly during the course of intense clinical training. It may not seem like it at first but the reward is tenfold. Stick to this path, you will never regret it. Remember however that your future success is not achieved alone. The support from family, friends and colleagues also plays an important role. “

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Dr Ng Su Ann returned to the University in March 2016 to give a talk on “Relevance of Radiology in Patient Management – A Case Based Approach”. The talk was chaired by our senior lecturer in Department of Radiology, Dr Nalani Somavera.

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