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IMU Biomedical Science Alumni Reminisced and Reconnected at Virtual Alumni Homecoming 2021

14 Jan 2022

The International Medical University’s (IMU) Biomedical Science programme hosts an annual Alumni Homecoming Event to strengthen ties with the alumni and provide a platform for them to share their experiences with current Biomedical Science students. The event also provides an opportunity for alumni to reconnect with their peers, reflect on constructive experiences, and relive memories of their time at IMU which had shaped them into the successful individuals they are today.

The homecoming was held virtually on the Zoom platform on 4 December 2021, whereby graduates from the pioneer cohort, BM1/08, to recent graduates from BM1/18 gathered to support the event. Approximately 45 alumni along with over 100 students from current cohorts were in attendance. The event commenced with cordial welcome speeches from Dr Lim Chooi Ling (Head, Applied Biomedical Science and Biotechnology Division), Prof Chin Beek Yoke (Associate Dean for Research & External Affairs, School of Health Sciences), Biomedical Science Programme Director Dr Tsen Min Tze, and Ms Indumathy from the Alumni Relations Office. This was followed by an ice-breaking session, during which the alumni introduced themselves and interacted with the attendees. The alumni heartwarmingly reminisced precious years in the university with colleagues whom they have not met since their graduation.

Next on the agenda was a sharing session from the alumni. Eight featured alumni speakers employed in a range of different industries shared stories of how they kickstarted their careers and gave attendees an overview of their journeys.

Alumnus/Alumna Designation Sharing Session
Dr Haw Tatt Jhong (BM1/08) Postdoctoral Research Fellow at the Hunter Medical Research Institute (HMRI) Australia Dr Haw described about his ventures into the field of cardio-oncology and cardiopulmonary research.
Salini A/P Mohan Kumar (BM1/08) She talked about discovering her passion in teaching in secondary and tertiary education.
Sean Wen Wei Xiang (BM1/10) Despite the time zone difference, Sean Wen Wei Xiang expressed about his ongoing PhD candidature in cancer research at the University of Oxford, UK, and shared some scientific facts from his research projects.

The floor was then open for alumni who chose ‘non-conventional’ career paths for biomedical science graduates.

Alumnus/Alumna Sharing Session
Raja Iswara (BM1/13) Raja Iswara who started out as a medical laboratory technologist talked about his journey to his current position as a business unit manager at a Singapore biotechnology company, MiRXES.
Lim Char Sin (BM1/14) Lim Char Sin also shared a similar career path and is currently employed as a business development senior executive in Sunway Medical Centre. She elaborated on her experience as a medical laboratory technologist and how she found her true calling in business.
 Wong Zheng Feng (BM1/15) Wong Zheng Feng shared on his utilisation of biomedical science knowledge in his position as a claims associate in AIA Shared Services.
Nicole Wen Ce Mun (BM1/17) Nicole Wen Ce Mun provided insights on considering Biomedical Science as a pathway to venture into other medical fields, particularly dentistry.
Steven Yap Wai Yuan (BM1/08) Steven Yap Wai Yuan shared his fulfilling experience and also the emotional turmoil of being an embryologist, helping childless couples conceive.

The spotlight was then on Dr Anthony Rhodes, a Professor of the IMU Biomedical Science programme. He shared some amusing stories from his years working in a UK pathology laboratory, which elicited laughter from the attendees.

Following the presentations, a Q&A session ensued, which garnered a multitude of interesting questions from the attendees plus valuable additional information and advice from the alumni speakers. Overall, the successful event provided an excellent avenue for alumni to reconnect, and for current BM students to explore potential career options in greater depth.

Written by Teng Shervone & Wasmiya Shajahan Edited by Dr Lim Chooi Ling

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