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IMU Biomedical Science Alumnus’ Journey to Postgraduate Studies

30 Sep 2014

Haw Tatt Yhew started his studies at biomedical science at International Medical University in 2010 and upon graduation, continued his studies at a postgraduate level, studying a Masters programme in the field of Neuroscience at Universiti Putra Malaysia (UPM). To date, this IMU alumnus has had one successful publication (first author) in the Journal of Neuroinflammation (JNI). The manuscript entitled “A three-dimensional collagen construct to model lipopolysaccharide-induced activation of BV2 microglia’ was accepted on 16 July 2014 and the publication was made official on 30 July 2014. Publication URL: “In 2010, I enrolled myself in the Biomedical Science programme of IMU. Along the way, I encountered many obstacles and challenges including having a short stint as batch representative, Vice-President of IMU CruisAIDers and many more. I successfully graduated as an Upper Second Class Honours student.” “12 July 2010 was the day it all begun. Like every other individual, I was excited and enthusiastic about this new life. However, reality was about to hit me real hard. I was too lax and easy going on the first 2 semesters. Life in a university was completely different from what I have heard. I realised that the amount of lectures, modules, workload, and practical sessions were rather heavy. At first, I did question the rationality behind this but as time went by, I slowly realised that there was a reason behind it. IMU tends to push us towards our limit and this is when each individual will have their opportunity to shine and surpass their own ability.”

“From this, I learnt to manage my time better to handle and meet assignments/projects’ deadlines. During practical sessions, I would try to have as much hands-on experience as possible. Last but not least, the End of Semester (EOS) where at times we are asked to study up to 8 modules and only had a mere 2 weeks of study break. At a glance, these seem to be a tall order but again, all this comes down to time management and to study smart.”

While studying in IMU,  Tatt Yhew took part in some co-curricular activities through his role as the Vice-President for the IMU CrusAIDers club, and as part of the committee of Health Sciences 1/11 batch orientation.

“I am thankful for all the practical sessions and research project IMU has given me. I am currently doing my Masters at Universiti Putra Malaysia and these laboratory skills have allowed me to get use to my working environment very quickly. I believe IMU’s academic system and lecturers has helped me to develop many soft skills and prepared me well for the future, be it is academically or personally. I came into IMU a childish boy, and left a new man.”

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