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IMU Biomedical Science Students Visit Spastic School

09 Feb 2015

IMU CARES Logo 2013 22 January, 2015 – The first visit to SCASFT (Spastic Children’s Association of Selangor and Federal Territory) sponsored by IMU Cares was carried out early in the morning at 7am. The activity started with the taking of attendance and a series of briefings given by the student project leader and the leader for the visit in which everyone were informed about the rules and regulations. We arrived late by approximately half an hour in which fortunately, did not have any significant effect towards the flow of activity. The briefing for the whole facility was given by the authorities in SCASFT and we were then placed into different classes where we communicate and interact with the SPASTIC children. Communicating with the children in the class was challenging because the children seemed distracted and had difficulty concentrating. It was an emotional sight, observing the physical and psychological conditions of the SPASTIC children. It was emotional because of their helplessness and how it gave the opportunity for more capable people like the teachers at the school to show the value of humanity. Each classroom was flooded with love and joy through laughter in which I think, the SPASTIC school helps not only the SPASTIC children, but also teach others what it is to empathise, care and to be a human with loving values. OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

But one fact we cannot evade from visiting the SPASTIC school is that we realise the difficulty and hardship faced by the parents of the SPASTIC children. To be exposed to such situation, it drives students to pursue the science of the brain, and hopefully one day to find an absolute cure for this disabling condition.

The activity proceeded with the game ‘musical chairs’, giving out shaped balloons to the SPASTIC children followed by performances by the volunteers for the visit. Through these activities, the teachers, parents, students and the volunteers are seen to be enjoying themselves, laughing their way through while clapping occasionally.

A parent of the children said that she was very happy that such an effort was made for the SPASTIC children and also encourage more visits for the days ahead. Finally, each SPASTIC student was given a goody bag before leaving.

Overall, the visit was smooth and very rewarding to the students of biomedical science in which they were given the opportunity that very few people have, to visit the SPASTIC school and to observe with their own eyes, experience themselves and to connect with the SPASTIC children. This article is written by the Secretary of SCASFT Project, Daniel Chong Han Lung. The project was purely organised by second year biomedical science students at International Medical University under the supervision of their lecturer, Anil Philip Kunnath.

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