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Imparting Crucial Knowledge and Skills at a Three-Day Workshop on Cochrane Systematic Review of Intervention Studies

16 Feb 2024

16 – 18 January 2024 – The Institute for Research, Development, and Innovation (IRDI) at the International Medical University (IMU) organised a three-day workshop under the banner “Workshop on Cochrane Systematic Review of Intervention Studies.” The workshop aimed to impart essential knowledge and skills to participants in conducting systematic reviews of intervention studies using Cochrane methods.


The workshop drew participants from diverse backgrounds, including IMU academics, medical professionals, senior lecturers, students, and clinical epidemiologists. The varied composition of attendees ensured a rich and collaborative learning environment. Spanning the entire day over the three days, the workshop ensured a comprehensive exploration of the intricacies involved in Cochrane systematic reviews of intervention studies.

Distinguished Speakers who Added Immense Value to the Workshop

Prof Jacqueline Ho of RCSI

Founding Director of Cochrane Malaysia


She established systematic review training and has personally trained many Malaysian Cochrane authors.

Prof Moy Foong Ming (University Malaya)

Specialist in Epidemiology, Research Methodology, and Evidence-Based Medicine

Prof Moy shared her extensive knowledge with both undergraduate and postgraduate candidates. With over 80 published manuscripts in peer-reviewed journals, she has actively supervised research candidates.

Our very own A/Prof Teguh Haryo Sasongko and Dr Norah Htet Htet (IMU) brought their wealth of research experience to the workshop, enriching the sessions with practical insights.

The workshop comprehensively covered fundamental aspects of systematic review of intervention studies. The four speakers took turns sharing their expertise and providing participants with practical tools.

Some of the Topics Covered

Writing a systematic review using Cochrane methods

Searching for, and selecting studies

Collecting data

Analysing Outcomes

Introduction to Meta-analysis

Cochrane tools and system

Using RevMan Web, and

Assessing the Risk of Bias

Incorporating small group activities facilitated a deeper understanding of the concepts, allowing participants to apply their newfound knowledge in practical scenarios.

The workshop received positive reviews from participants, who praised its comprehensiveness and the value of the knowledge shared. The speakers were lauded for their contributions, and participants expressed gratitude for the opportunity to enhance their research skills.

The success of the workshop was evident in its interactive nature and the provision of practical tools that participants can integrate into their research pursuits.


In conclusion, the Institute for Research, Development, and Innovation is honoured to have hosted distinguished speakers and to have facilitated an engaging and beneficial workshop for participants.


The knowledge gained during these three days is anticipated to make a significant contribution to the participants’ ongoing and future research endeavours, furthering the impact of Cochrane systematic reviews in the realm of medical research.

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