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IMU Cares Team Collaborates with Alzheimer Disease Foundation Malaysia at its Forum on “Let’s Talk about Dementia”

29 Oct 2019

September 2019 marked the 8th World Alzheimer’s Month, an international movement to raise awareness and challenge the stigma of Alzheimer’s disease and dementia. According to World Alzheimer Report 2019, which is based on 70,000 respondents across 155 countries, and it spans among people living with dementia, carers, healthcare practitioners and general public, has highlighted the following key findings: – 2 in 3 people still think that dementia is caused by normal ageing. – 35% of carers across the world said that they have hidden the diagnosis of dementia of a family member. – 50% of carers globally say their health has suffered as a result of their caring responsibilities, even whilst expressing positive sentiments about their role. – 62% of healthcare providers worldwide perceive that dementia is part of normal ageing. – 80% of the general public are concerned about developing dementia at some point. For further information of the World Alzheimer Report 2019, please go to Coming from the background of the world movement and advocacy for Alzheimer’s, on 28 & 29 September 2019, Alzheimer’s Disease Foundation Malaysia (ADFM), an IMU Cares’ collaborator since September 2016, has initiated a forum entitled – ‘Let Talk about Dementia’. The event was held at the Atria Shopping Gallery, from 10am to 6pm. Among the various programmes organised for the day include chiropractic screening, dental screening, a talk on oral health and dementia as well as a panellists’ discussion – ‘Let’s Talk about Dementia’ – activities that were contributed by the IMU Cares team. The greatest reward for community service is to be able to experience and witness the energy, enthusiasm and generosity to contribute for the good of the community. Here, we would like to share a student leader and a representative from our community partner’s experience at the event:

Eow Pei Ying (student leader for this event):
“As the student representative of the dental team, I’m glad that I have taken this role to participate in the ADFM’s Forum. It was indeed a fruitful experience. Prior to the event, our team took this as an opportunity to research more on the specific oral hygiene education for Alzheimer patients. Through this event, we were able to screen many elderly patients. This experience gives us a deeper insight into the clinical aspects of Dentistry and promoting our understanding towards the physiologic and pathologic of aging process. We also learnt how to communicate with them patiently while giving oral hygiene instruction. Furthermore, I was able to hone my leadership skills through cultivating teamwork skills by delegating jobs and ensuring the entire process was in smooth sailing. I also learnt how to pass over my job effectively to the student representative on the second day even though it was challenging, especially when I need to ensure that all the items were kept in safe. All in all, it was an invaluable experience and it was our honour to be a part of this charity event”.
Jenny, the administrative assistant of ADFM and also the main coordinator of the event:
“We deeply appreciate the support from all of you, with hardly a month for preparation – frankly I was relieved to have you boosting up your energy for this event”.

We would like to acknowledge the contributions of the following generous and enthusiastic staff, IMU Dental School Alumni and students in sharing their knowledge and providing health screening services at the event.

Sharing of Knowledge
A talk on Oral Health and Dementia Prof Khoo Suan Phaik, Associate Dean for IMU Community Engagement.
Panellist Discussion – ‘Let’s Talk about Dementia’ Panellists: a) Dr Polly Chen, Senior Lecturer in Psychology – sharing from the angle of neuropsychology and ageing study. b) Tan Chun Hao, Psychology student from IMU – sharing from the angle of male college student as well as a grandson’s experience. Moderator: Dr Teoh Gaik Kin, Fellow/Manager in IMU Community Engagement and Lecturer in Psychology

IMU Cares team contributes at ADFM Forum with screening activities, a talk on oral health and dementia and a panellists’ discussion.IMU Cares team contributes at ADFM Forum with screening activities, a talk on oral health and dementia and a panellists’ discussion.

Health Screening Services
Chiropractic Team Led by Dr Janice Chan Vey Lian, Senior Lecturer in Chiropractic Department Centre for Complementary and Alternative Medicine (CCAM) of IMU. She had roped in 28 students to provide screening in four different shifts during the two-day forum. Students: Charis Soong En Hui, Lee Wen Jia, Jasmine Phang, Jasmine Phang, Choo Jing Yi, Wong Wei Shen, Yanis Lin Wei Leung, Ooi Jing Xuan, Valerie Chin Ying, Lee Szeminn, Nion Tan Zhi Hui, Ew Hui Ee, Jason Sia Keng Wei, Wong Jia Munn, Brenda Hiew Kai Lin, Choo Jing Yi, Chong Ni Ting, Kimberley Chong Siew Fong, Chen Yi Bin, Hee Bee Wee, Gina Seah Sze Hui, Choong Shin Yong, Moh Kah Wai, Sarah Tan Li Ern, Clarence anak Simon, Yip Tuck Hoong, Lance Lau Lay Herr, Foong Weng Yee and Chew Hui Min.
Dental Team Led by Dr Shivani Kohli, Senior Lecturer in Division of Clinical Dentistry who had facilitated 13 students’ involvement in dental screening for two shifts over two days’ forum. Students: Eow Pei Ying (student leader), Lin Kar Yi, Esther Goh Xin Yin, Chang Woan Shing, Yeow Yee Shin, Kang Li Wei, Toh Jolin, Hang Jia Yi, Fong Zi Qing, Tiong Sze Tin, Wendy Ong Chaye Yee, Teh Zee Hoe and Yong Jia Yi. We also would like to extend our deepest appreciation to the following 6 Dental School Alumni who generously extended their help swiftly when we invited. They included – Dr Kweh Ting Jing, Dr Athena Tan Yen Yee, Dr Alyssa Lau Jia Ern, Dr Ho Jan Yang, Dr Lee Shean-Woei and Dr Eunice Looi.

Written by Dr Teoh Gaik Kin, Manager/Fellow of IMU Community Engagement and Lecturer in Psychology

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