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IMU Dentistry Students Shine at APDSA Annual Congress

12 Sep 2017

4 August 2017- Four IMU dentistry students from DT113 won prizes for their exceptional performances in the 44th Asia Pacific Dental Students Association Annual Congress which was organised in Hong Kong. The scientific research competition was one of the highlights of the congress, established with the noble aims of promoting a strong and healthy research amongst students and encouraging the seeking and sharing of new knowledge. The scientific research competition was divided into two categories: oral and poster competitions. Three prizes were awarded in each competition. IMU dentistry students won four out of the six prizes awarded.

One of the winners, Siew Kar Hui said, “It is definitely an unforgettable learning experience to compete with students from other countries at this international level platform. I sincerely thank my supervisors for their guidance throughout the research. I also appreciate my teammates for their help and support. I hope that our achievements can motivate our juniors to strive harder in carrying out their research projects and bring the glory back to Malaysia and IMU in the future.”

We interviewed another winner, Lee Yuan Wei who said, “I felt very lucky to be one of the winners as the other presentations are outstanding as well. I would like to thank my supervisors for helping me to spot questions during the preparation for the competition. I am glad that I did not disappoint them.” The winners are: APDSA Oral Research Competition 2017

1st Prize: Lee Shean Woei
Effects of various composite types and placement techniques in the sealing of posterior composite restorations
3rd Place: Lee Yuan Wei 
Dietary behaviour, perceived stress and salivary flow rate among patients undergoing fixed orthodontic treatment

APDSA Poster Research Competition 2017

1st Prize: Siew Kar Hui
Effects of TFEMA on composites’ fluoride release and recharge capabilities
3rd Place: Tan Yue Yu
Effects of Composite Materials and Cavity Floor topography on the micro-gap formation of posterior restorations

What the Other Winners Say about the Competition

Firstly, I would like to express my sincere gratitude to my supervisors, Prof Seow and A/Prof Hanan for the continuous support, motivation and immense knowledge for the research. My thanks also go to IMU who provided me with the opportunity to learn through the special module. Most importantly, I thank my research partner Shean-Woei for the sleepless nights before deadlines and all the fun we had in making this possible. Tan Yue Yu, DT1/13
I am grateful to my school’s curricular programme, wonderful research supervisors Prof Seow Liang Lin and A/Prof Hanan Omar, and the best research partner one can ask for Tan Yue Yu. Lee Shean Woei, DT1/13

APDSA was formed in 1968 and an annual congress was launched in 1969. Over 300 students and dentists from more than 13 countries in the region will attend this congress which will be held in different places each year. The annual congress serves to forge strong bonds between students across the region and breed future leaders in dentistry.

We are also proud and delighted to announce that our final year dental student, Siew Kar Hui was newly elected as the International President of Asia Pacific Dental Students Association. She will run the Asia Pacific Dental Students Association Annual Congress with her team in IMU next year from 6 to 10 August. She led her team to Cambodia in December last year for the bidding. Her team has won the highest bid closing off with a total of 13 out of 16 votes.

It is definitely a great honour for IMU because the APDSA annual congress has not been held in Malaysia for nearly a decade. We look forward to seeing the future leaders in the dentistry field of the Asia Pacific region gather at IMU next year. Related articles: IMU Students Bag First and Second Prizes at APDSA Scientific Research Competition IMU Dentistry Student Wins First Prize at Singapore Congress IMU Dental Students Made A Significant Impact at 41st APDSA Congress!

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