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An International Student’s Experience Studying Pharmaceutical Chemistry at IMU

15 Feb 2017

My name is Vu Dinh Duong. I am from Vietnam and am currently in my last year of studies in BSc (Hons) Pharmaceutical Chemistry programme at IMU. It is just amazing how time flies and now you look back on how your journey started. The idea of studying abroad came to my mind few years back, when I talked to my sister. She used to tell me how wonderful her life was and that I should have come to Malaysia with her. I was truly inspired by her story and her transformation, plus I have always wanted to experience new things, so I decided to follow her. My classmate I packed up and flew over to Malaysia in 2013. After, one year of pre-U course, I made the decision to continue my undergraduate studies in Malaysia and IMU as a well-known university was my preferred choice. I am passionate in chemistry hence I applied for a 3-year BSc (Hons) Pharmaceutical Chemistry programme in IMU and got accepted. IMU has a relatively small campus compared to other universities but the people here always make you feel like you are most welcome. In IMU, you can always seek help to solve problems that are troubling you. For instance, the international office will make sure there are no issues with my visa and not to mention, I can always contact the lecturers or my peers to support my academic performance. Here in IMU, everyone treats each other with respect and the environment here truly reflects what I want my working place to be like in the future. Industry Visit to CCM Pharmaceutical(1)Joining IMU Healthcare team to visit Malaysia Parkinson Disease Association(1) Academic wise, I believe I am on the right track to prepare myself for my future career. In just two years I was exposed to knowledge in different aspects such as Chemistry, Pharmaceutics, Microbiology, and Business Management. The course also provides opportunities for me to develop my practical skills and soft-skills like communication, teamwork and time management.

Every semester, we would have at least one industrial visit whereby we can actually go out to see an actual industry layout. This is really an eye-opening opportunity for me because I can see how things I learned in the class being applied in real life.

Picture of myself(1) There is always a way for me to release stress and anxiety despite the hectic timetable. I usually participate in events held by IMU such as its Charity Run or IMU Cup. I feel that those events are my chances to maintain my health and connecting to the outside world. Not only that, as part of the healthcare system, IMU always cared about the community. Hence I have also visited to charity homes, which bring to me another aspect of appreciating life and the importance of giving back to the society, this is indeed responsibility of all of us! Of course living away from parents has always been difficult but the local people have been treating me with kindness. That really makes my life here easier and more comfortable. Moreover Malaysia in general is a lovely country with many tourist attractions that brings me surprise after surprise. I have chances to visit the places during free time. As a multi-racial country, it offers me variety of food without having to travel very far. I can observe multiple cultures all around the world right here in Malaysia too.

Throughout the time in IMU, I have grown up a lot. It is truly sad knowing that I am finishing my degree soon but this is definitely not the end of my journey as a scientist. I’m looking forward to the last year here in IMU, though it is challenging but with the knowledge, skills and support that I have here, the journey will continue with care, joy and memories!

This article is written by Vu Dinh Duong.

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