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IMU Dentistry Lecturer Wins Teaching Excellence Award

05 Apr 2016

IMU Dentistry Lecturer, Dr Shekhar Bhatia always believed in sharing knowledge with others and felt that teaching is a noble profession. This has motivated him to be a lecturer after his postgraduate studies in 2010. Going into academics proved to be a good move when Dr Shekhar was awarded the Teaching Excellence Award at IMU’s University Day on March 11, 2016. Uniday2016-if (127) Dr Shekhar was pleased to receive the award and said, “Getting any award for your work and service will always make you happy and certainly motivate you. Receiving the Teaching Excellence Award really means a lot to me. It inspires me, gives me confidence that I am doing well and encourages me to do improve further.” “I was very fortunate to have excellent teachers during my undergraduate and post-graduate days, who were very committed and passionate toward teaching. I always admired Prof MK Manjunath who was my guide during my postgraduate studies and who was the one who motivated and inspired me.” Shekhar TEA Dr Shekhar Bhatia specialises in Conservative Dentistry & Endodontics and prior to joining IMU, had experience lecturing in India and Malaysia. He is a member of International Association of Dental Research, Federation of Operative Dentistry of India, and Malaysian Dental Association. He has multiple publications in peer reviewed journals and has considerable experience in branch of Endodontics. Dr Shekhar who is also actively working at the University’s Oral Health Centre, has this advice for those who aspire to be lecturers “Being a lecturer means you work in an institution where you get to know colleagues from diverse schools, different students whom you teach, learn and share knowledge with. It is a rewarding profession and will give you satisfaction if you are keen and dedicated towards it. You need to keep on updating yourself and believe in lifelong learning.” Finalists for Teaching Excellence Award Dr Shekhar Bhatia Prof Dato’ Dr Sivalingam A/L Nalliah Sajesh Kalkandi Veetil Introduced in 2013, the IMU Teaching Excellence Awards (TEA) has been established to acknowledge faculty who have demonstrated a particularly high standard of “teaching”. “Teaching” not only refers to classroom/lecture theatre/laboratory or clinical teaching, but any activity that has a positive impact upon the student’s learning experience. Three IMU-TEA awards will be presented each year. Winners will receive certificates as well as cash prizes. The overall winner will also receive the John Simpson Trophy for Teaching Excellence. The talent and dedication of some of the University’s outstanding staff members were also recognised at the same event. These awards recognised and celebrated the outstanding contribution and achievements of educators and researchers from across the University. Research & Publications Uniday2016-if (162)Uniday2016-if (163) Individual – Professor Davendralingam A/L Sinniah Team – Professor Leong Chee Onn (Leader) Team members

       Staff Students
Dr Felicia Chung Fei Lei Dr Ivan Yap Kok Seng Dr Mai Chun Wai Dr Wong Shew Fung Dr Tan Boon Shing Choo Heng Kung Hii Ling Wei Tan Si Hoey Tan Yuen Fen Tiong Kai Hung

Community Services  A/Prof Dr Nazimah Binti Idris (Leader) Team Members

       Staff Students
Ahmad Hanis Bin Jamaludin Asri Bin Abdul Aziz Dr Rajandran A/L Muthoo Hajar Afiqah Binti Saharani Inthirah A/P Narayanan Komathi A/P Ratnam Khairunniza Binti Gharib Mohd Fadzil Bin Kemat Mohd Shahril Bin Jalaludin Norhalim bin Mohd Nor Pathma A/P Ramasamy Prof Dato’ Sivalingam a/l Nalliah Prof Dato’ A. Jai Mohan A/L C.A Nayar Prof Ong Kok Hai Prof Zainurrashid Bin Zainuddin Razman Shah Bin Mohd Razali Robayah Binti Atan Santhi A/P Asookumaran Tay Kong Yik Zainah Binti Drauh @ Abdul Rauf Zuhanariah binti Mohd Nordin  Andrea Goh Angela Goh Ashwin Murugesan Ashwin Singh Pentlia Aslinah Binti Velayit Hussein Bernard Heng Wei Kin Bindhu Ramalingam Chan Yi-Min Goh Ling Hui Gurpreet Singh James Lim Poh Teck Joash Choo Xuein Khye Kho Khai Yein Kuang Ting Shiuan Levinnya Devi Arumugam Lim Jian Liang Ling Way Ken Loh Zhi Shin Pooja Roy Rishi Devan Wong Wei Shi York Hang Ng Yui Woon Chiah Velentine Anderson Ak Moses

Individual Development Uniday2016-if (164)Uniday2016-if (165) A/Prof Dr Nazimah Binti Idris Loh Zhen Jie Business Process Improvement

Project Manager and Systems Designer     Team Members
Dennis Loh Zhen Jie  Lilian Tan Teng Ming
User Requirement, Support and Validation  Lim Ai Loon
Khor Siew Foon


      Team Leader Team Members
 A/Prof Dr Hanan Abdel Khalik El Sayed Omar Dr Abhishek Parolia Dr Mandakini Mohan Dr Pulikkotil Shaju Jacob Dr Sultan Omer Sheriff Prof Seow Liang Lin
 A/Prof Dr Velayudhan Menon Hasnain Zafar Menaga A/P Thigambaram
 Dr Mutalik Sunil Subhash Dr Pravinkumar Patil Dr Shekhar Bhatia Dr Sobia Bilal Hasnain Zafar Prof Pau Kah Heng

Excellence in Demonstrating IMU Core Values Dr Hea Ai Sim Dr Wong Chin Hoong

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