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IMU Faculty, Students and Clinical Educators Shine at Malaysian Dietitians’ Association Conference

01 Aug 2019

23-24 June 2019 – Congratulations to the IMU Nutrition and Dietetics (N&D) faculty and students! N&D faculty and students shine at the 25th Malaysian Dietitians’ Association Conference in Hotel Istana, Kuala Lumpur by winning numerous awards and accolades.

Best Postgraduate Thesis Award – Dr Lee Ching Li
In the spirit of lifelong learning, Dr Lee Ching Li received the Best Postgraduate Thesis Award – PhD by the Malaysian Dietitian’s Association (MDA) for her thesis entitled ‘Low Calorie Diet Using Liquid Meal Replacements Versus Conventional Food For Weight Loss in Obese Malaysian Adults with Type 2 Diabetes in an Outpatient Clinic Setting’. Dr Lee’s PhD was supervised by Prof Winnie Chee Siew Swee (IMU), Prof Chan Siew Pheng (UMMC) and Prof Shireene Vethakkan (UMMC). This award is presented annually to acknowledge outstanding postgraduate MDA member(s) who has/have completed a thesis that is value-adding to the field of dietetics and nutrition. Participating institutions that vie for this award are local institutions of higher learning conferring a postgraduate degree in the field of dietetics and nutrition.

Award Won Award Winner
Best Dietetics Undergraduate Award (Third Prize) Loh Hui Xin
1stprize :  Oral case Study Presentation (Student Category) Gursharon Kaur Gill (DN 1/15 Final Year Student)
1st prize: Poster Case Study (Student Category ) Ng Hui Ru (DN1/15 Final Year Student)

Award wining IMU Nutrition and Dietetics (N&D) faculty and students!Award wining IMU Nutrition and Dietetics (N&D) faculty and students!

Award Won Award Winner
1stprize: Oral Case Study Presentation (Dietitian Category ) Charmaine Lavinia
 1st prize: Oral Research Presentation (Free Paper on Technology Based Dietetics ) Dr Chen Seong Ting
1stprize : Oral Research Presentation (Free Paper on Online Web Based Dietetics ) Jamilah Abd Jamil

Jamilah, who won the first prize for the oral research presentation, mentioned that “I am very happy to be able to share my research finding with the title ‘Perceptions on the Benefits, Challenges, Support and Commitment to the Role of Dietetics Clinical Instructors’ during the recent 25th Malaysian Dietitians’ Association conference. It was an important research to strengthen dietetics education in Malaysia”. The IMU Clinical Instructors from N&D are also always dedicated to the pursuit of excellence through capacity and capability building to build the culture of learning.

1st prize : Case Study Poster Presentation (Dietitian Category) : Soh Pheh Huang
Soh presented a poster entitled “Empowering Self-monitoring in Weight Management Case”. In her poster, she emphasized the components  for efficient weight management, which include dietary, exercise and behavioral changes. She presented on the usage of a mobile app in assisting patients to self-monitor weight loss and challenges in weight management.

2nd prize: Case Study Poster Presentation (Dietitian Category ) : Teo Soo Lay
Teo presented a poster titled ‘Disordered Eating Pattern of a Paediatric Patient with Eating Disorders in the Outpatient Setting’. In the presentation, she emphasized the importance of nutrition counselling and working with a collaborative treatment team in managing this potentially chronic condition. She also shared her methods of medical nutrition therapy that she used as she worked with the patient to break the binge-eating cycle, with the aim of restoring a healthy eating pattern.

About the Conference
Conference Theme :  IR4.0 Dietetics: Digital Dietetics & Technology for Combating Diseaseswas The Conference was attended by dietitians from various countries and was officiated by YBhg Dato’ Dr Chong Chee Kheong Speaker In his FB page, Dato Chong commented the below “I would like to congratulate the Malaysian Dietitians’ Association on your 25th Anniversary and successfully organising the national scientific conference with the theme of “Digital dietetics & Technology to Combat NCDs “.The theme is indeed appropriate in this era of IR 4.0! Moreover, dietitians are an important member of the multidisciplinary healthcare team who contribute to combating the alarming rise in NCDs in the country. The Fourth Industrial Revolution (IR 4.0) is expected to change how we live, work, and communicate, it is also likely to change the things we value and the way we value them in the future. Industry 4.0 is radically changing value creation in every market and making significant impact on the healthcare industry. As you may know, a national policy framework on the fourth Industrial Revolution (4IR) is being formulated to promote innovation, creativity and competitiveness in embracing the intensification of the digital revolution. In the mid-term review on the 11th Malaysia Plan, the government had said that with the launch of the National Industry 4.0 Policy would intensify the adoption of Industry 4.0 related technologies including in healthcare”

Congratulations to all the winners on your outstanding achievements!

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