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IMU Lecturer Devotes Her Life to Chinese Medicine

10 Aug 2016

Dr Hea Ai Sim was introduced to Chinese Medicine from early childhood through her family, who use Chinese medicine for their own healthcare. This has given her the inspiration to be a Chinese Medicine practitioner and in the 80’s, she pursued her studies in Chinese Medicine in Penang. After getting her degree, she did a one-year internship in Taiwan majoring in acupuncture. Having started her own private practice in her hometown in Teluk Intan, she then continued her studies to postgraduate level – Master in TCM Gynecology at Tianjin University of TCM and pursued to PhD at Shandong University of TCM, China, she was in the first group of Malaysians who graduated with a PhD in TCM from the University. Dr Hea- Clinic Throughout the years since obtaining her PhD, Dr Hea has gained many years of experience as a Chinese Medicine practitioner at her own clinic in her hometown of Teluk Intan, Perak. Prior to starting this clinic, Dr Hea worked at a charity clinic in Teluk Intan for four years. Currently, besides her work at the clinic, she is also a part time lecturer at International Medical University (IMU) in Kuala Lumpur. This is a way for her to dedicate herself to the promotion and development of the academics in TCM as she believes academics will be a strong foundation and support for the development of the profession for TCM in Malaysia. This year, Dr Hea Ai Sim was awarded an International award, the “Outstanding Women in Buddhism 2016” for her contributions in healing individuals and society through Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) and through Buddhism in a multi-ethnic society. “I think that religion was the main influence in my involvement in voluntary work. As a Buddhist, I believe that there is a need to serve public and that is why I involve myself in charity work especially with the youth. I focused my talents on cultivating Buddhist youths. Ultimately, I was elected President of the Lower Perak Buddhist Association for 14 years. I also established a fund for needy students and pioneered the construction of the Dhammacakka Building and the Bodhicitta Building for the Association”, said Dr Hea, who is also actively involved in the Young Buddhist Association of Malaysia. Dr Hea was also awarded the Excellence in Demonstrating IMU Core Values Award at the IMU University Day on 11 March 2016. Both Buddhism and TCM are the main passion of Dr Hea’s life, driving her to serve and be dedicated in whichever way she can. For her, achieving a balanced life with TCM and Buddhism is her goal, a lifelong pursuit. Related article: IMU Chinese Medicine Lecturer Wins International Award

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