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Working as an Associate Chiropractor in New Zealand

26 Jan 2017

Maybelle Heng have always aspired to be a healthcare professional. A strong belief in the chiropractic philosophy that health comes from within and from the choices we make each day had been the impetus for Maybelle to study chiropractic as it make her feel empowered to be in the front row of preventative health. FB_IMG_1484010258718 “Besides exercise, good nutrition and mental health, I think chiropractic fits very well as a lifestyle to maintain health. With the increasing sedentary lifestyle, I can see myself helping people relive pain by my hands and guiding them to a healthier lifestyle, preventing many people from chronic issues; and if they need other types of care, I’d refer them to whoever I see fit.”

Maybelle realised her dream to be a healthcare professional when she graduated with her chiropractic degree from IMU. Having met her current employer in a chiropractic pediatric seminar, Maybelle decided to sit for the CCEA examination and be registered under the NZ Board of Chiropractic. She also took classes at the New Zealand College of Chiropractic.

“I was there for additional personal development in the chiropractic philosophy, took up classes on different techniques and spinal subluxation analysis on top of what I have learnt in IMU. Basically pick and choose to attend subjects with the students there.”

Currently, Maybelle is working as an associate chiropractor in New Zealand. For her a typical day at work would involve checking and adjusting the spine and any joints of the patient’s body if needed; and completing her treatment notes. Her day will also see her discussing her cases with another chiropractor or other healthcare providers at the same premises.


“We specialise in infants and children as well, so at times we would go to talk to the midwives. We have front desk personnel, an electronic note taking system that also handles the ACC coverage.” Recalling her time at IMU, Maybelle said, “To be honest, the whole study experience was good. Not so much campus life as other universities may provide but it was not too bad. I like that we have active sports and clubs. The help that I got from the chiropractic faculty was superb. People are mostly very friendly and helpful.” “I am more reserved with the whole curriculum of the programme. However, I am aware that it was a new programme for IMU and all the faculty that was gathered, are from different backgrounds. Being a chiropractor and living among chiropractors in New Zealand made me realize how hard it was to get even 2 chiropractors to agree on certain issues. Plus, frequent changing of staff members of the faculty definitely doesn’t help much in that matter either.” FB_IMG_1484009316423FB_IMG_1484011310856 “However, after being in New Zealand College of Chiropractic for the whole year of 2015, I can spot the difference in their education and ours and definitely pick up some really good parts of the programme in IMU, especially the environment of being around the medical settings, PBLs, and being taught by some lecturers from the medical faculty.”

“I also feel that being in a multidisciplinary school setting gives us the opportunity to mingle with other professions while we are studying, there are chances of learning and educating each other about our own profession – being a student makes us more open to different opinions (that’s what I think)”

FB_IMG_1484011208133 Maybelle feels that IMU prepares her well for the work that she is currently doing, especially the ability to work in the Chiropractic clinic with Medical doctors and Chinese Medicine Practitioners who were all studying in the same campus, giving her the opportunity to inter- refer among different healthcare providers – these are definitely beneficial in preparing her to work in an integrated setting. FB_IMG_1484011208133 “Especially now that I am working in an allied health setting where there is an acupuncturist, physiotherapist, hand therapist, podiatrist, and speech therapist under the same roof; I do appreciate the exposure that I had when I was in IMU – giving me an upper hand to get into the working environment smoothly. I love the idea of Outreach programme and screenings which prepares us to go out there and be involved in the community while doing marketing.” “I’d say 65%. I wasn’t too confident when I came out to practice to be honest. That was why I went to NZCC. That filled the gap that I needed. Just to fill you in on how I was like in IMU. — I was very active in class, feeling all comfortable in adjusting patients and managing patients with the help of the clinician when I was an intern in IMU. However, when I got out from school, I work under a fairly philosophical based chiropractor in Penang. That got me curious about what’s more to chiropractic, that got me to enroll in NZCC. With that new acquired knowledge, married with the immense knowledge I gained in IMU; I am very happy with the type of chiropractor that I am now,” IMG-20170111-WA0004 Asked about her future plans, Maybelle has lots of them. “To list a few, to gain more clinical experience, be a pediatric and pregnant women specialist, possibly a postgrad studies in that area. If circumstances allows me, to work in the UK or South America. To have my own practice in Kuching or Malacca (because that’s where most of my family members are) when I decide to settle down.” Disclaimer: The views and opinions expressed in this article are those of the author and do not necessarily reflect the official opinion and views of the University. The teaching and learning methods described in this article also does not reflect the current teaching and learning methods for the Chiropractic programme in IMU today.

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