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IMU Medical Biotechnology Alumni Obtained Employment in Singapore

24 Oct 2016

Low See Wee’s love for Biology has led to her interest in Biotechnology, a technology that is based on biology, which uses living organisms to make innovative products that improve our lives. It plays a role in developing new drugs, fighting diseases and industrial processes. SW2 She cultivated this interest by joining the IMU Medical Biotechnology programme in 2012 and graduated three years later. Currently, See Wee is working as a senior research assistant cum lab manager in Calcium Signalling Lab, National Neuroscience Institute, Singapore. She is in charge of handling experiments on tissue culture and animal works. At the same time, she is responsible in doing stock purchasing, lab financing and administration work. She felt that the various laboratory practicals taught throughout the degree course have helped her in her current position. At the same time, presentations at IMU boosted her confidence level, making it easier for her to present her findings at work. “Other than that, internship have prepared us well for future work as we are able to experience and see what a research assistant do in real life.” SW1 Speaking about her studies in IMU, See Wee mentioned that “Laboratory practical works are among the best experiences I had in IMU throughout the whole degree. To emphasise on it, I found tissue culture work interesting as it widens my perspective in cell culturing. Besides, final year project which allow me to handle bacteria work on Methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus (MRSA) gave an overall idea on what I’ll be doing in my future job.” “Interaction with my mentor, Ms Wong Ying Pei is what I missed a lot after I left IMU. She is the best lecturer I have met in IMU as she tirelessly motivating and encouraging me to pursue my dream. Family, lecturers and my boyfriend also motivated me to pursue my dream and career. They give me mental support and encouragement throughout my hard times.”


Another alumnus who is also working as a research assistant is Teh Seoh Wei. She is currently working in a laboratory at Nanyang Technological University (NTU) in Singapore. As a research assistant, her daily work includes performing research and experimentation in the laboratory. She assists in carrying out routine lab and equipment maintenance, performing independent research and analysing data of the research projects. TSW1 Seoh Wei feels that the Medical Biotechonology programme in IMU has equipped her with a firm fundamental knowledge of biotechnology and up-to-date practical skills required to perform professionally at work. The research project offered in the Medical Biotechnology programme has also provided her with analytical and critical thinking skills essential for research. Last but not least, interpersonal skills that she learned from the programme helps to smoothen her working life. Seoh Wei speaks to us about her time in IMU. “Medical Biotechonology programme offered in IMU is an intense three-year degree that is well organised and apt for undergraduate study. The lectures, practical sessions and workshops offered provide students with up-to-date knowledge and hands-on skills required in the field. Furthermore, the research project and internship included in the programme make it possible to produce competent, professional, skillful and erudite graduates. The dedicated and knowledgeable lecturers in IMU also emphasis on independence, lifelong learning and critical thinking skills in students. TSW2 “The best learning experiences must be during the field trips. Those are the times that we as students got to witness the application of medical biotechnology and learn in depth knowledge from the experts in the field. I have learned more about tissue engineering during one of the visits to Hospital Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia (HUKM) while having discussion session with some of the professionals in the hospital. It was amazing to learn how the experiments are conducted in the real hospital laboratory. The visit also improved my up-to-date knowledge on tissue engineering, which complements the theories that we have learnt in lectures and textbooks”.

She added, “Lecturers in IMU are all very dedicated and solicitous about the future of the students. Career fairs and BioMalaysia exhibitions bring an abundant of job and more learning opportunities to students. With these encouragement and the knowledge acquired, I have the confidence in myself and these are what drove me to the current position.”

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