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IMU Medical Biotechnology Alumnus Works at a Premier Stem Cell Bank

30 Mar 2017

I’m Jeremiah Roy from MB 113 cohort. I am currently attached to CryoCord Sdn Bhd, a premier stem cell bank located in Bio-X Centre, Cyberjaya. I started out as an intern in this company, under the Laboratory Department. Although the operational system was new to me, the whole idea or fundamental concept on which the company runs, was not completely alien to me. That is simply because we had enough exposure on stem cell and its properties, during lectures at IMU.

The company deals with umbilical cord samples from clients. As an intern, I was not allowed to deal with them as prior proper training was required for handling the samples. However, I had the opportunity to assist the biotechnologist in the company on other tasks. My supervisor was also lenient and allowed me to explore other departments such as the Marketing Department, to gain more experience. It was not a lab-only experience but a whole new exposure on how a biotechnology company operates.

Upon completion of my internship, I was offered a job as the Marketing Executive under the Marketing Department. Being a Marketing Executive, my job revolves around organising and facilitating conferences, exhibitions, proof-reading of scientific content for advertisements, advertisement for all forms of media, advertising regulations, liaising with Universities and Colleges, etc.

My interest in technology advancement, especially in the medical field, and the new discoveries in the world of science have always been there since high school. Upon completing my Pre-University studies, I realised that Biology as a whole is one of my strongest and most comfortable field of subject. It was then that I realised pursuing a career which firmly stands by my interest and strength would be ideal.

I then decided to enrol myself in an institution which holds great recognition worldwide. From my own research, I found that IMU is one of the most reputable private medical universities in Malaysia and it has been around for years. This was also affirmed by my lecturers from the previous education institution. Going through the structure and module outlines of the Medical Biotechnology programme, I was highly satisfied and became even more optimistic about IMU. It covered all the essential topics and areas of my interest. Thus, I chose IMU.

As a whole, the Medical Biotechnology (MB) programme had a well-planned structure. The lecturers who conducted the modules were highly professional and well-versed in their area of expertise. That was a huge plus point for the whole batch, as we could gain more knowledge and information on that particular topic, without any form of doubt on the authenticity of the information.

From routine lectures in IMU, to visits and exhibitions held outside of IMU, we were given many opportunities to gain new knowledge and skills. My learning experience in IMU was no doubt challenging but totally worth it.

Personally, I find the final year project challenging. It was then that all the knowledge and skills gained throughout the three years were put to test. The level of independence throughout the project was much higher compared to all the other tasks in the previous semesters. Besides that, the supervisor that I was assigned to was also a rather understanding one, so the whole project was carried out without any mishaps.

Over the years, IMU MB programme has definitely cultivated essential values in my undergraduate life. The University has always emphasised on carrying out tasks and roles in a professional manner. I could strongly say that practicing this throughout the MB programme has prepared me well enough to be part of this premier stem cell bank today. In theory, I am well equipped with the knowledge of stem cell, even before joining this company. With the fundamental and basics, it was indeed easier than expected, for me to get on the same page as the others in this company.

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