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Yammuna Segar : At The Heart of Healthcare

18 Apr 2024

When we think about key roles within healthcare organisations, nurses sit at the top of the list right next to doctors. The responsibilities of nurses include a wide array of tasks and duties that are essential for the provision of quality healthcare services. Their responsibilities are multifaceted and encompass both direct patient and supportive roles within healthcare teams.


In the intricate tapestry of healthcare, one profession specifically stands out as the unsung hero, the silent guardian of life amidst chaos – the emergency nurse. In the bustling corridors of emergency departments, these dedicated individuals weave miracles every day, embodying the essence of compassion, expertise, and unwavering commitment to saving lives. Their role transcends mere medical care; it is a testament to the indomitable spirit of humanity and the profound impact of empathy in healing.

It was a pleasure for us to be able to speak to IMU alumna, Yammuna Segar and have a glimpse into the world of angels who walk among us. Her interest in nursing was sparked early on after observing an interaction between a nurse and an injured friend. The genuine care and concern shown by the nurse left an indelible mark within her.


Yammuna is currently serving as an emergency department nurse at one of the largest Malaysian general hospitals, inarguably one of the most if not the busiest hospital in the city. As we spoke to Yammuna, we began to realize how crucial emergency department nurses are within the healthcare system.

Emergency Department (ED) nurses play a critical role in the healthcare system, serving as frontline caregivers in the assessment, stabilisation, and treatment of patients with acute illnesses, injuries, and medical emergencies. Their importance cannot be overstated, several key reasons being they provide immediate patient care, ED nurses are typically trained in triage techniques to quickly assess the severity of patients’ conditions and prioritise care accordingly, they are also quick thinkers as ED nurses must make critical decisions in high-pressure situations.

Furthermore, ED nurses also practice multidisciplinary collaborations as they are required to work closely with physicians, paramedics, technicians, and other healthcare professionals to coordinate patient care. ED nurses are also the primary advocates for patients as advocacy is at the heart of emergency nursing. Hence, Yammuna emphasized how she and her team advocate tirelessly for their patients, ensuring that their voices are heard, their concerns are addressed, and their rights are respected throughout the care process.

Epitome of Compassion

Beyond their clinical prowess, emergency nurses embody the epitome of compassion and human connection. In moments of vulnerability and fear, they serve as beacons of hope, offering solace and reassurance to patients and their families.


With a gentle touch and a kind word, they instill confidence and comfort, transforming moments of despair into beacons of hope. Their empathy transcends boundaries, bridging the gap between suffering and healing, and reaffirming the sanctity of human dignity in the face of adversity. This never rang so true as when Yammuna shared with us how she was approached by a grateful former stroke patient she cared for previously. She remembered being filled with a sense of gratitude upon seeing her former patient well and the indescribable feeling of contentment she felt.


Yammuna is passionate about the work she does and puts a lot of emphasis on continuous learning and stepping out of one’s comfort zone. Not only has this ethos made her a competent ED nurse, but it has also propelled her career upwards. This year she was the first nurse from the hospital’s ED to present in the International Asia Navigator Conference 2024 where she spoke about ‘Bridging the Gap Through Communication: Stand Up, Speak Up.

Unsung Heroes of Healthcare

In conclusion the job of an emergency nurse is nothing short of extraordinary. They are the unsung heroes of healthcare, the guardian angels who stand vigil at the crossroads of life and death. Their importance lies not only in their clinical expertise but also in their profound impact on the lives they touch. With compassion as their compass and courage as their guiding light, they navigate the tumultuous seas of emergency medicine, leaving behind a trail of hope, healing, and humanity.


Truly, the amazing job of an emergency nurse is a testament to the power of compassion to transform lives and heal the world. We ended the conversation in admiration of her zeal and commitment to excellence in her work and we look forward for opportunities to cross path with Yammuna again soon.

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