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IMU Medical Biotechnology Student Gained More Insights at Internship

20 Jan 2020

My name is Christopher Naythan Ravi from the degree programme of IMU Bachelor of Science (Hons) Medical Biotechnology in cohort MB 1/16. I conducted my internship at Thermo Fisher Scientific in Shah Alam for the duration of 6 months under the guidance and care of my external supervisor, Kasturi Yahya Che Su. The major reason that I chose this place for my industrial training is because Thermo Fisher is well known among researchers and anyone who is in the field of science as a major player of supporting the needs and advancing the technologies involved in creating a more efficient and better world. I believed that this place was well suited for me to gain as much knowledge as possible and better enhance my strengths and core in the medical biotechnology field. Sure enough, I felt satisfied with the things that I have learnt there throughout my time in Thermo Fisher. I was placed in the sales and marketing department for the chemical and chromatography sector where there were a wide range of activities that were prepared for me, which were unique and new which I wasn’t expecting such as cold-calling companies to inquire on the chemicals that they are using, creating marketing tools such as flyers, distributing flyers at various universities as well as assisting in marketing events and promoting the company and its products.

Even with a well reputed company, there are sure to be some challenges that will be faced, the major challenge that I came across was learning how to talk to people and understanding their body language to see whether they are interested or not, thankfully IMU has taught me how to overcome this challenge through an internship training course where we have to go through a mock interview session which shows us how to present ourselves and catch the interest of the other person. I am grateful to IMU, for having such a course as it is very beneficial for anyone no matter what course you are in.

IMU Medical Biotechnology's top student relates her journey at the University.

IMU Medical Biotechnology programme has prepared me in a lot of ways for this industrial training such as giving me the insight that medical biotechnology is not just about being in the field of research but it can be so much more such as in the marketing department, regulatory affairs and many more. Besides that, all the courses provided in the medical biotechnology programme was very beneficial especially the organic chemistry modules as it helped me understand the fundamentals to be able to move through easily in the chemical and chromatography department.

With this I feel that I am more attuned towards the sales and marketing sector, thanks to the help of IMU. My passion, which I now discovered is to be in the sales and marketing department as I feel more attuned to talking and meeting with people, hence this course can be good for anyone who wants to have a very flexible type of working experience as well.

My advice to the juniors would be not to underestimate any of the courses that is being taught in the medical biotechnology programme as each of them can gain you an advantage in the whole area of medical biotechnology and to just have fun in everything that is given.

Written and photo by: Christopher Naythan Ravi (MB1/16).

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