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IMU Pharmacy Students Grab Top Prizes at Young Entrepreneur Programme

16 Oct 2018

Young Entrepreneur Programme (YEP) is back this year with the theme “Innovations in Geriatric Care”. Students from multiple universities participated and work together to come up with various creative and innovative ideas in a short period of time which was focused on geriatric care. Participating teams comprise of pharmacy students from different universities, but IMU students were the stars in all top 3 winning teams. Lim Yan Qing from IMU’s BP1/17 emerged as YEP’s most outstanding participant during the pitching competition. Besides that, IMU Pharmacy students, Chow Wai Hoong BP1/16 Tan Yu Xin BP1/16 (Championteam); Lim Yan Qing BP116, Lim Mou Sern BP1/16, Hon Chian Ming BP116, Yip Shuen Chi BP1/16 won the second place while the third place belongs to Lim Chea Hooi BP2/15, Ho Hui San BP2/15 Laurena Wong Gui Jin BP1/17 , Ng Eu Ping BP1/17.

What the Winners Say about the Competition

YEP’s Most Outstanding Participant, Lim Yan Qing (BP1/17)
Signing up for an entrepreneurship programme like YEP was never part of my idea as I have always perceived entrepreneurship as something very distant to me. Prior to participating in this event, I have always thought that entrepreneurship is all about business and trying to market your product, both of which I do not consider myself good at since I am not a business-minded person. However, throughout this three-day event, I learnt that entrepreneurship is not solely about finding ways to earn money, it is more about inspiring people around us to be innovative, not just in the business field but also in the healthcare profession. Entrepreneurship is not all about gaining the highest profit, but to discover and generate new ideas to bring betterment to the society. I am grateful towards my peers who encouraged me to participate in this event because without their encouragement, I would have missed this one golden opportunity to learn and grow as a person. I would also like to thank my mentors throughout the event for sharing their valuable experiences and guiding me through the learning stages to entrepreneurship. Last but not least, I would like to thank my group mates for being so supportive all the way and making this event a memorable one.
Chow Wai Hoong BP1/16 (Champion)
This is my very first time joining Young Entrepreneurs Programme organised by MyPSA. I am happy that my idea of modification for the current insulin pen had caught everyone’s attention and my team is the champion in the pitching competition. For the first time I learn about entrepreneurship in three days. This programme was indeed very intense and useful for me. It kicked start my journey to explore more on how to be a successful entrepreneur in the near future. Besides that, I am blessed to have such amazing teammates who came from various universities. Also not to forget our beloved mentors, Yong Wei Shian and Wendy Liang who guided us and gave us support all this while. Thank you everyone!
Tan Yu Xin BP1/16 (Champion)
It has been an amazing experience participating in the YEP 2018 and I have spent a great time working together with other teammates from UCSI and IIUM to come out with our final product, i-Insulin. I have no regrets joining as it has not only stimulated my interest but also broadened my knowledge in entrepreneurship through the valuable talks and experience sharing by all the inspiring speakers.
Lim Mou Sern BP1/16 (1st Runner Up)
My experience at the three-day YEP event has been a fruitful and memorable one. The event has greatly inspired me to become an individual who not only establishes a legacy of our own by means of entrepreneurship but also to strive to become a Good Samaritan who brings betterment to the society through the legacy that we built.
Yip Shuen Chi BP1/16 (1st Runner Up)
It was a fun and challenging experience which I really enjoyed it especially with those dedicated mentors, who always guide and challenge us to discover more on what we could do.
Lim Chea Hooi BP2/15 (2nd Runner Up)
It was a really nice experience to join YEP. It gave me a better insight of entrepreneurship and the business model canvas. It’s also a good platform for social networking.
Ho Hui San BP2/15 (2nd Runner Up)
I have truly enjoyed being a part of YEP 2018. My body is exhausted but my heart is full. ♥

YEP is an initiative organised by the Entrepreneurship Officer of Malaysian Pharmacy Students’ Association (MyPSA) with the aim to introduce the general idea of entrepreneurship and to inculcate the spirit of entrepreneurship among the pharmacy students. The core concept of YEP lies in the business proposals presented in the pitching competition at the end of the programme. The social connection is the most precious asset that a typical pharmacy student can build out of this programme. In this programme, YEP manage to introduce 12 prestigious guests to all participants in 3 days. Typically, a student will never get the chance to have a face-to-face interaction with the celebrity pharmacists or high ranking officials However, YEP builds the bridge and allows such interactions in its programme. This year, Taasjir Kaur who is the Entrepreneurship Officer of MyPSA was given the golden opportunity to direct this event along with her deputy director, Wong Xin Yun and team. “My interest toward entrepreneurship build up when I participated in YEP 2017 where I manage to obtain the 1st runner up position with my team and the most outstanding participant of that event. I was clueless when I registered myself as a participant but this event made me explore more out of my comfort zone. It gave me the feeling and the rush that a real entrepreneur goes through. This year while directing this event, it was a ride full of emotions and it would not have been easy for me to go through it without my team and the passion I have towards entrepreneurship.”

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