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IMU Medical Students are Part of Organising Committee of International Conference

21 Oct 2014

16-17 August 2014 – 7 International Medical University (IMU) medical students together with 6 medical students from various Universities in United Kingdom and members of the University of Malaya (UM) Medical Society organised a national level Malaysian medical conference, Medicine in Malaysia Conference 2014, at the Medical Faculty of UM. The Organising Chairman of this Conference was second year medical student at IMU, Khor Zhong Wei while the Patron of the Conference was Dean of Medicine in UM, Prof Adeeba Binti Kamarulzaman. Click here for the speech by the Patron

Organising Chairman, Khor Zhong Wei, said,As the organising chairperson of the Medicine in Malaysia Conference, I must truly say that it has indeed been a marvellous experience working with medical students from various medical schools with a singular aim of bringing a positive change in the current uncertain climate of medical healthcare in Malaysia. Having to be responsible to lead a team of 13 to organise this international conference proved to be no small task, as I found out in the midst of my medical education. However it is also through the hardships that I have come to truly appreciate the value of commitment, proper leadership and most of all teamwork. I am certain that this experience will aid me in the future as I proceed with my medical career.”

Mim 2 “Being a part of core organising committee of MIM 2014 has been a challenging yet amazing experience. The team I was blessed to have worked with were a talented, passionate and efficient bunch. I have never experienced such strong teamwork and camaraderie until this. This effort has empowered me to do something meaningful towards the improvement of our local medical scene, even though I am just a young Malaysian medical student. Above all, this experience ignited a heighten level of patriotism and ownership in me, towards the future of medicine in my beloved country – Malaysia,” said Ong Ying Ern Elena. The very first of its kind, this conference was attended by 285 medical students from 40 medical schools, hailing from 8 different countries. Over these two days, participants were treated to 5 keynote speeches related to the conference theme presented by a host of renowned Malaysian speakers, all of whom are experts in their respective fields. The 5 topics covered were Houseman-ship in Malaysia, Specializing in Malaysia, Volunteer Work, Returning to Practice in Malaysia and Research in Malaysia. 6 specialist workshops were also conducted to expose students to the career pathway and demands of a particular speciality. mim 5 In order to facilitate the exchange in research culture between Malaysian medical students both locally and abroad, a poster research competition and an oral research presentation competition were featured during the conference. Ultimately, these two competitions provided a platform which allowed Malaysian medics to showcase their research projects locally, and also showcase the kind of research their Malaysian peers have gotten involved in. All in all, our participants greatly benefitted from attending Medicine in Malaysia 2014. It was truly a one of a kind experience of fellowship, networking and meaningful learning over a lovely August weekend. Once again, kudos to MMI for organizing such a novel event and we Malaysian Medics sincerely look forward to more of such events in time to come! Mim 3 Charnice Chan Su Yin said, “My experience working with MIM Conference has been a very fulfilling one. Publicity was never my strong point, yet MIM has opened up an opportunity for me to learn, be challenged and grow. Truly it has been a pleasure working with such an amazing team, albeit the different backgrounds and distances between each other, it was still a conference well done, I am honoured to have been a part of it.”

 “Being part of MMI’s Medicine in Malaysia Conference organising team’s committee was a great learning experience. As part of the content team, our tasks resolve mostly around prominent figures in the healthcare sector and it is always inspiring to deal with each and every one of them and to see their perspective on things. I am very grateful that I get to meet these personalities and also to work with amazing friends on this project. When you work on something along fantastic people, it can never be better when the effort is paired with great success,” added Muhammad Sajid Nabiel.

Medicine in Malaysia Conference 2014 is the brainchild of Malaysian Medics International (MMI) brought to life in partnership with TalentCorp and United Kingdom and Eire Council of Malaysian Students (UKEC). The Malaysian Medics International (MMI) was established in the year 2013 by a group of Malaysian medical students studying in medical schools across the United Kingdom and Malaysia who recognised the need for better coherence amongst Malaysian medical students across the globe. We are a student-led organisation dedicated to providing a professional environment for Malaysian medical students to network, keep themselves updated with healthcare issues and develop skills essential for their career.

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